Your solution for anything in Audio postproduction

GS Mastering & Post offers mastering, remastering, audio restoration, mixing (both stereo and multichannel), using a setup of both analogue and digital equipment, and custom-built software to optimize any recording, in any style / genre, for all formats (vinyl, cd / dvd, all forms of tapes, and digital converting). GS Mastering & Post is currently located in Stockholm, Sweden. For any questions please send an email to; ghostsoundslabel at
Below is a list of completed jobs so far;

V/A NEW WILDERNESS AUDIOGRAPHICS 11xLP + 200p Book Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
JOHN BALANCE (COIL) "The art and audio, works and writings" 8xLP + Book Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
JEREMY SOULE "The Elder scrolls V: Skyrim (Ultimate edition)" 4xLP Box set (Spacelab9)
ERIC VERVAET "Mass Effect Andromeda (Original game soundtrack)" 3xLP (Spacelab9)
MOTOI SAKURABA "Tales of Berseria (Original game soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
BILL CONTI "Karate Kid" (Original motion picture soundtrack) 40th anniversary edition 2xLP (Spacelab9)
AFRIKARIZ CHOIR & DIDINTLE KHUNOU "A Soweto love story" (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
TARAN MITCHELL "Alexander - The making of a god" (Original series soundtrack)" (Netflix)
EVGUENI & SACHA GALPERINE "Baby Reindeer" (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
P-M BARBIER & JULIEN GRUNBERG "Fiasco (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
JERZY ROGIEWICZ "1670" (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
MICHAEL BROOK "The Signal" (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
LASSE ENERSEN "Stolen" (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
DAVID MITCHAM "Secret lives of orangutans (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
ADAM JANOTA BZOWSKI "Out of darkness" (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
JOHAN SODERQVIST "Madame Web (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
ESTE HAIM & CHRISTOPHER STRACEY "Anyone but you (Original soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
JASON HILL "Dark Matter (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
IAN ARBER "Red Eye (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
BATU SENER "Harold and the purple crayon (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
EVGUENI & SACHA GALPERINE "Becoming Karl Lagerfeld" (Original soundtrack)" (Walt Disney Prod.)
JOHAN SODERQVIST "Ronja Rovardotter" (Original Series Soundtrack)" (Music Super Circus)
HEINRICH DRESSEL "The obscure cities" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
ALEX VIRGO "The promise" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
ARMONICS "Future echoes" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
HEY CABRERA! "Italo void" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
ANBAU "Mortirolo '94" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
MARTIN MATISKE "Amore galattico" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
SPARKLING ATTITUDE "Melodico romantico" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
V/A "Buone vacanze Vol. 4" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
V/A "Voodoo Mambosis and other tropical diseases - Danse Macabre Vol. 2" LP (Stag-o-lee)

V/A Quartz-Mirliton Cassette Recordings 1970-1979 16xLP Box set (2x8LP in book-like folder-Sets with 2 x 200 page Books) (Vinyl-on-demand)
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND "Campaign 1979-2020" 20xLP + Book Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
IN THE NURSERY "1981-1999" 7xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
FORCE DIMENSION "Early recordings 1985-1989" 4xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
AUBREY ASHBURN & INON ZUR "Dragon age (Selections from the videogame soundtrack) 4xLP Box set (Spacelab9)
V/A "Splatterhouse (Original video game soundtrack) LP (Spacelab9)
KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB "Konami classics: The best of NES" LP (Spacelab9)
ERIC HEBERLING / JEREMY SOULE "The Elder scrolls - The anthology" 4xLP Box set (Spacelab9)
FIL EISLER "Fire Country (Original series soundtrack)" (Lakeshore Records)
FIL EISLER "Fast Charlie (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Atlantic Screen Records)
FIL EISLER "Outer banks Season 3 (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
MICHAEL KADENBACH "60 minutes (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
ZELTIA MONTES "Bird Box Barcelona (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
JON OPSTAD "Bodies (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
SUAD BUSHNAQ "Crashing eid (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
LUCAS VIDAL "Sagrada familia (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
AMINE BOUHAFA "Tapie (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
ANDREAS TENGBLAD "The conference (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
PEDRO MARQUEZ "Turn of the tide (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
DAVID SCHWEITZER "World war II Frontlines (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix)
DANIEL PEMBERTON & DAVID SCHWEITZER "The afterparty Season 2 (Original series soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
MARCELO ZARVOS "The equalizer 3 (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
RUPERT CROSS, THEO VIDGEN & MAZ ABUDULAI "Everything now (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
MATT BOWEN & CHRIS LENNERTZ "Gen Z (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
ROSTAM BATMANGLIJ "Persian version (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "Justified city prime evil (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
"Hilda and The mountain king (Original soundtrack)" (Netflix / Madison Gate Records)
"Hilda seasons 1-3 (Original soundtracks)" (Netflix / Madison Gate Records)
V/A "Ghostbusters spirits unleashed (Original game soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "The pope's exorcist (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
ROBERT DUNCAN "The night agent (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
"Going home (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
"Big George Foreman (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "No hard feelings (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
JACK HALAMA "Who is Erin Carter? (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "Twisted metal (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
JEFF RUSSO "For all mankind Season 4 (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
SIDER VERSE & V/A "Sunflower EP with remixes" (Madison Gate Redcords)
ZAKMINA "For U" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
MACHINEGEWEHR "Life" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
REES "Dream wave" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
ALAN STRANI "Apocalypso Remixes" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
V/A "Buone vacanze Vol. 3" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
V/A "Buone vacanze Vol. 2" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
RICARDO BAEZ "On and on" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
MARTIN MATISKE "Dimension phantasy" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
PANTHERA "Syntheizer hits II" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
TOM BOLAS "Disco-cadabra" 12" (Violette Szabo)
V/A "Waves of Budabeats 15 years" 2xLP (Budabeats)
CHILLUM TRIO "Random rituals" LP (Budabeats)
SUBDAN "They shine" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
GLO PHASE "Soft gems" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
V/A "Time capsule extension" LP (Stasis Recordings)
AURAL IMBALANCE "Transprent blue (The remixes)" Cass (Stasis Recordings)
OLIVIA "Sen" LP (Dalmata Daniel)
LAU "DDE05" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
TEACHERS "DDE04" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
ROBERTO AUSER / CESTRIAN "DDS07" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
DOMENICO CRISCI "Born under another sun" 12" (BRVTAL)
THE EXALTICS "Das heise experiment 1-3" 3x12" + 7" + Cass Box set (Solar One Music)
V/A "Slow grind fever Vol. 11" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "For dancers only - Primal beats from the basement" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Rat-ma-cue (Even more b&r, popcorn, exotica and tittyshakers)" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Vocal group madness" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joint 9 - Double agent 7" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Rockinitis Vol. 5" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Surfin Burt's Surfin safari" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Voodoo mambosis and other tropical diseases - Danse Macabre Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
MELANIE "People in the front row" 7" (Easy Action)
ALIEN AIRFORCE "Give pigeons the right of way" LP (Easy Action)
ALIEN AIRFORCE "Good luck world" 7" (Easy Action)
STEVE KILBEY & FRANK KEARNS "Speed of the stars" LP (Easy Action)
STEVE KILBEY "Eleven women" 2xCD / LP (Easy Action)
STEVE KILBEY "Hall of counterfeits" 2xCD (Easy Action)
STEVE KILBEY "Bespoke wheels, winged heels" 2xLP (Easy Action)
T-REX "Molly Mouse Dream talk" LP (Solid Gold Records)
T-REX "Rehearsals 1974" 12" (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live at De Montford Hall Leicester 1974" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Lincoln 9.11.71" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live at Aquarius Theatre, Boston 72-09-12" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live Brisbane" CD (Bolan Society / Easy Action)
T-REX "Live Cardiff 1972" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live in Sydney 1973" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live in Manchester" CD (Easy Action)
DAISY CHAINSAW "Love your money" 7" (Easy Action)
JACOBITES "Howling good times" 2xLP (Easy Action)
REED / CALE / NICO "Bataclan 29.1.72" 2xLP (Easy Action)
MODERN FOLK "Crater family" LP (Ramble Records)
LI JIANHONG "Soul solitary" LP (Ramble Records)
PAT PATTERSSON "Most requested country songs" LP (Sweet Mental Revenge)
SUNSET STRIP "Open city" 2xLP (Greville Records)
DONNA CANDY "Blooming" LP (Swallowing Helmets) Порез на собаке "Горе Поводырь" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Стук бамбука в XI часов "Лёгкое дело холод" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Капитан ненавидит море "Время cмерти" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Atlantida project "Мир" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Обе две "Знаешь, что я делала" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
4 Позиции Бруно "Два вперед назад четыре" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Несмеяна (Nesmeyana) "Суп С Котом" LP (Radio Waking)

V/A NEKROPHILE RECORDS 10xLP + 2x7" Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
ANESTIS LOGOTHETIS "Electroacoustic works 1960-1980" 5xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
BRAD DERRICK "The Elder scrolls online" Original game soundtrack 4xLP Box set (Spacelab9)
V/A "MASS EFFECT TRILOGY" Original game soundtrack 4xLP Box set (Spacelab9)
KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB "Nintendo Classics" LP (Spacelab9)
DICKON HINCHLIFFE "Father Stu" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "Rosario Tijeras" (Soundtrack de la Serie de Televisión) DL (Madison Gate Records)
ROQUE BANOS "Umma" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
TOYDRUM "Three pines" (Original series soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
JAMES POYSER "Boxing day" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
MATTHEW MARGESON "Lyle Lyle crocodile" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "Cobra Kai 2 - Dojos rising" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
DARA TAYLOR "The invitation" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
DRUM & LACE "Summering" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
V/A "A league of their own" (Original Amazon series soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
JEFF RUSSO & PAUL DOUCETTE "For all mankind Season 3" (Original Apple TV+ series soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
CHRIS LENNERTZ "The Boys Season 3" (Original Amazon series soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
PANU AALTIO "5000 blankets" (Original motion picture soundtrack) DL (Madison Gate Records)
FORMULA UNO "Racing 3000" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
PALERMO DISCO SQUAD "After all these tears" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
V/A "Diamonds in the night Vol. 4" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
HYPNOTIQUE "Solitude" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
TJADE "Voyager" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
REES "Three eyes" 12" (Bordello A Parigi)
THE EXALTICS "Retrospective" 2x12" + CD Box set (Solar One Music)
GESLOTEN CIRKEL "185" 12" (Solar One Music)
OOP BOOMP - The return of blues & rhythm, popcorn, exotica and tittyshakers Vol. 13 10" (Stag-o-lee)
GUNSMOKE Vol. 8 10" (Stag-o-lee)
ROCKIN' and BOPPIN' with DJ RUDY 2xLP (Stag-o-lee)
DUSTY BALLROOM Vol. 3 LP (Stag-o-lee)
TEDDY CHISI "Limbikani" LP (Strawberry Rain)
RICHARD GIBBS "No use to grieve" LP (Sweet Mental Revenge)
THE TREND "The Trend is in" LP (One Way Ticket Records)
THE SPLIFFS "You know what they'll say" 7" (One Way Ticket Records)
IGGY POP & THE STOOGES "Theatre of cruelty" 4xCD Box set (Easy Action)
THE STOOGES "A fire of life" 2xLP (Easy Action)
SONIC's RENDEZVOUS BAND "Out of time" 2xLP (Easy Action)
V/A "Birmingham unscene 1978-82" 2xLP (Easy Action)
T-REX "The gliderdrome" 2x10" (Solid Gold Records)
T-REX "Newcastle City Hall 1972" LP (Easy Action)
GUNFIRE DANCE "Witness to the crime" LP (Easy Action)
AUTOMATIC SHOES "In this style" LP (Easy Action)
EPIC SOUNDTRACKS "Sleeping star" 2xCD (Easy Action)
MARC BOLAN "Made in France 1969-77" CD (Easy Action)
ANDY ELLISON "Cluster bombs" LP (Easy Action)
ANDY ELLISON "Wall to wall jive" 2xCD (Easy Action)
TAU CROSS "Tau Cross" LP (Heretic Music)
SANTA SPREES "Fanfare for tonsils" LP (Ramble Records)
BLACK BRUNSWICKER "High peaks" LP (Ramble Records)
THE MODERN FOLK "Briery branch" LP (Ramble Records)
STARAYA DEREVNYA "Forgot what was important" LP (Ramble Records)
SHANE PARISH "Viscera eternae" LP (Ramble Records)
DRONEROOM "My marionette days are over" 2xCD (Ramble Records)
THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS "Tales of ordinary sadness" LP (Ramble Records)
THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS "The gates are closing" CD (Ramble Records)
THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS & GEORGE CHRISTIAN "The sun will rise again" CD (Ramble Records)
THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS & REID KARRIS "Onomatopoeia" CD (Ramble Records)
GEORGE CHRISTIAN "Distante claridade" DL (Ramble Records)
PUMPKIN FRIEND "Autumn sketchbook / Wishing well" CD (Ramble Records)
MANOP NAKORNCHAI " 2EP" CD (Ramble Records)
CLARA ENGEL "Cicada & In the fog" CD (Ramble Records)
AR.MA "Peryphelium" CD (Ramble Records)
LI JIANHONG "Ferns" CD (Ramble Records)
ERIC ARN "Misuse: A live mix" CD (Ramble Records)
SETH ANDREW DAVIS "For electro-acoustic guitar" CD (Ramble Records)
DAVIDE CEDOLIN "Contemplations and other instrumentals from the valley" CD (Ramble Records)
BLAKE HORNSBY "A collection of traditional folk songs & tunes Vol. 1" DL (Ramble Records)
CANDI NOOK "How I invented sound and redesigned the human ear" 2xCD (Spleencoffin)
AURAL IMBALANCE "Dreaming in future tense" LP (Stasis Recordings)
LOUIS HAIMAN "A lucid dub (Remixes)" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
FRANCISCO FOO "ElectroFi parachute" DL (Stasis Recordings)
FRANCISCO FOO "ElectroFi (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
MIDNAT "From stars" DL (Stasis Recordings)
MULTIMISSION "Certain space (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
POST APOCALYPTIC "Darker times" DL (Stasis Recordings)
POST APOCALYPTIC "Aftermath" DL (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND "Evenfall" DL (Off Land self-released)
SOVJET WAR "Psychopuppets" LP (Tracks and Traces)
SUICIDE COMMANDO "Industrial underground" LP (Walhalla Records)
BRAYAN VALENZUELA / REYSTOR - BRV004 12" (Brvtal Budapest)
RYUJI TAKEUCHI / OSPIEL - BRV003 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
V/A "Kovári" DL (Brvtal Budapest)
UJ BALA / CARRAGEENAN Split 10" (Swallowing Helmets)
V/A "Last heresy" 12" (Heretic Electro)
SPECIAL ZIP "Patchwork" 12" (Cold Tear Records)
V/A "Bhogavati" CD (gterma)
GLEISBERG & GRASSOW "The seer" CD (gterma)
V/A "Southern hemisphere Vol. 2" 12" (Budabeats)
THE QUALITONS "Kexek" LP (Budabeats)
V/A "Compilation for Ukraine" DL (Dalmata Daniel)
ROBERTO AUSER / CESTRIAN - DDS07 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
OLIVIA / RAPHA - DDS06 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
DJ OVERDOSE "Powers of ten" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
Петля Пристрастия "Мода и облака" 2xLP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Помни Имя Свое "Небо и Камень" 2xLP (Destroyed Room Tapes)
Кроль "Тьма" LP (Destroyed Room Tapes / Туман и Лягушки)
Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы Искали Цезию, Нашли Поздно Утром Свистящего Хна – "Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы Искали Цезию, Нашли Поздно Утром Свистящего Хна" LP (Radio Waking)
AURAL IMBALANCE "The first time" 12" (Cadence Recordings)

V/A LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY 1974-83 13xLP + 7" Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "Vanity Records Volume I" 5xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "Vanity Records Volume II" 4xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "Vanity demos" 2xLP (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "Tolerance" (Vanity Records) 4xLP + 7" Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "Nekrophile Records 1983-1990 10xLP + 2x7" Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
ICE 9 "The fifth column years" 2xLP (Vinyl-on-demand)
CLOCK DVA "Horology" 15xCD Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
S.P.K "Dokument (Recordings 1979-83)" 7xCD (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "Profondo Nero - Italo Disco and synthpop 1983-89" 2xLP (Dekmantel)
V/A "Suicide squad (Original motion picture soundtrack)" LP (Mondo)
ADAM JANOTA BZOWSKI "Saint Maud (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Milan Records)
DRUM & LACE "I know what you did last summer (Music from the Amazon original series)" (Madison Gate Records)
JEFF RUSSO "For all mankind (Season 2) (Original Apple Series soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
DAVID R. MURILLO "Blast beat (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
FIL EISLER "Thunder force (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Milan Records)
BOO AND THE TRU-TONES "Show the world" LP (Strawberry Rain)
BOO AND THE TRU-TONES "Power struggle" LP (Strawberry Rain)
REVELATION "Love affairs" LP (Tambourine Party Records)
PURE RELEASE "On the loose" LP (Tambourine Party Records)
FRATERNITY "Flaming Galah" 2xLP (Wrong side of the tracks)
FRATERNITY "Second chance" 2xLP (Wrong side of the tracks)
FRATERNITY "Live stock" 2xLP (Wrong side of the tracks)
AGNES STRANGE "Strange flavour" 2xLP (Wrong side of the tracks)
TINA & IKE TURNER "Let me take you higher (1969-74)" LP (Easy Action)
SISTER PAT HALL "Do your thing" LP (Easy Action)
IGGY & THE STOOGES "The London sessions" 2x7" (Easy Action)
SWELL MAPS "MayDay signals" 2xLP (Easy Action)
SONIC's RENDEZVOUS BAND "Out of time" 2xLP (Easy Action)
T-REX Live "Newcastle City Hall" LP (Easy Action)
T-REX "Alternative singles" 2xCD (Easy Action)
T-REX "The Gliderdrome" 2x10" (Easy Action)
T-REX "The gilded cage 1975" 10" (Easy Action)
T-REX "Strange orchestra" 2xLP (Easy Action)
T-REX "Children of the revolution" 7" (Easy Action)
T-REX "Metal guru" (Easy Action)
TAU CROSS "Tau Cross" 2xLP (Easy Action)
THE SILENCE "Forgive me if I'm wrong" 7" (Easy Action)
RADIO STARS "Broadcasting to the world" CD (Easy Action)
DAVE KUSWORTH GROUP "The brink" LP + 7" (Jack of Hearts Records)
MISTREATER "Hell's fire" LP (On the dole Records)
AXXE "Through the night" 7" (On the dole Records)
ROCK SET "Piteå kommun" 7" (On the dole Records)
VAMPA "Plugget" 7" (On the dole Records)
RODGER WILHOIT "The ""social" world of Rodger Wilhoit (Expanded edition) LP (Sweet mental revenge)
GAZ MAYALL 40th anniversary - RnR / RnB / Gospel / Jamaica 2xLP (stag-o-lee)
V/A "Rockinitis Vol. 4" LP (stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joint 8 - Carl Combover & Johnny Alpha" LP (stag-o-lee)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 7" 10" (stag-o-lee)
V/A "Soft sighs - Female soul sounds from Hungary 1973-78" 10" (Budabeats)
V/A "Club soda" 12" (Budabeats)
SPEIZ BOIZ "SpeizBanger / BrakeBottle" 7" (Budabeats)
SUICIDE KOMMANDO "Industrial underground" LP (Walhalla Records)
V/A "End of the corridor" LP (Walhalla Records)
THE EXALTICS & HELENA HAUFF "Futuros" 8" Shaped Picture disc (Solar One Music)
STEP-ART & KING TUNIS "Darkives" LP (Hologram Records)
MSRG "Afterwork programming" 12" (Between Places)
GINA & THE FLEXIX "I wanna believe" 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
DOCTR "A lover's paradise" 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
V/A DIAMONDS IN THE NIGHT Vol. 3 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
V/A DIAMONDS IN THE NIGHT Vol. 4 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
V/A DIAMONDS IN THE NIGHT Vol. 5 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
MODULA "Sounds from Montenuovo" 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
DJ ROCCA & AIMES presents "Formula Uno racing" 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
EVOLUTION (L & L) "Radio" 7" (Bordello a Parigi)
MAELSTROM / CT KIDOBO - DDS05 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
OLIVIA / RAPHA DDS006 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
ROBERTO AUSER "Second sun" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
RYUJI TAKEUCHI / OSPIEL - BRV003 12" (Brvtal Budapest)
V/A "SZROGH" DL (Brvtal Budapest)
UJ BALA / CARRAGEENAN Split 12" (Swallowing Helmets)
DIAHGONAL "Horizons" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
GLO PHASE "Lost rytm jams" (Stasis Recordings)
INHMOST "Green space" (Stasis Recordings)
JAMES RIGBY "Picker’s Dream" LP (Ramble Records)
Se Permiten Submarinos Selftitled LP (Ramble Records)
DARK LEAVES "Laid under leaf, under branches" DL (Ramble Records)
1010 ENSEMBLE "Lullaby for the Distance" LP (Ramble Records)
GEORGE CHRISTIAN "Diários da Sobrevivência" DL (Ramble Records)
VASILARAPS "Βασιλάραψ: 4 καμινέτα για ντούο κιθάρα (Four Kaminetti for Guitar Duet)" LP (Ramble Records)
The Man from Atlantis and the Moon of Deliverance "Morning is broken" DL (Ramble Records)
The Man from Atlantis and the Moon of Deliverance "Kali Ma Rama Lama Fi Fo Fi Fum" DL (Ramble Records)
V/A "Inside the Outside...Experimentations in American Primitive Guitar" LP (Ramble Records)
MANISH PINGLE "Raga Revelations in Indian Slide Guitar" DL (Ramble Records)

MARIA ZERFALL "Anthology 1983-1993 " 8xLP + 7" Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
"The Limited Edition Vanity Records Box Set VAT 1-6" 6xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
"Music (Vanity Records) 2xLP Box set (Vinyl-on-demand)
TOY DIVISION "Cute" LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand)
"Songbirds: Albanian Music From 78s 1924-1948" 4xCD (JSP Records)
"Mississippi hillbillies 1929-1940" 4xCD (JSP Records)
PAULINE OLIVEROS & ALAN COURTOIS "Telematic concert" LP (Spleencoffin)
MOTORHEAD / JIM JOHNSON "WWE - Triple H" LP (Spacelab9)
V/A "Figment (Original game soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB "RUSH 'N' ATTACK" NES Game soundtrack 7" (Spacelab9)
THE CYBERTRONIC SPREE "Transformers Original soundtrack (1986)" (Enjoy the ride Rec.)
BEAR McCREARY "Blumhouse's Fantasy island (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
CHRIS LENNERTZ "The Boys (Season 2) Original soundtrack" (Madison Gate Records)
VARIOUS "LA's finest (Season 1) Original soundtrack" (Madison Gate Records)
HEATHER CHRISTIAN "The craft: Legacy" (Original motion picture soundtrack) (Madison Gate Records)
LOU REED "When Your Heart Is Made Out Of Ice" 2xLP / 2xCD (Easy Action)
STOOGES "Live at Whiskey a-go-go 1973" LP (Easy Action)
LINDA LEWIS "Feel the feeling" LP + 7" (Easy Action)
LINDA LEWIS "Lark (Promotional concert London '72)"LP (Easy Action)
MAZZY STAR "Ghost highway" 2xLP (Easy Action)
AMEBIX "Redux" 10" (Easy Action)
MORIATY "The die is cast" LP (Zen Ten / Easy Action)
T-REX "Dwarfish trumpet blues" 10" (Solid Gold Records)
T-REX "New York City" 7" (Solid Gold Records)
T-REX "Budokan boogie" 2xCD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live in Tokyo '72" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live in Koln '72" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Live in Nantes '77" CD (Easy Action)
T-REX "Hot love" 7" Picture disc (Easy Action)
T-REX "Venus loon" Picture disc (Easy Action)
T-REX "Dandy in the underworld" 7" (Easy Action)
T-REX "Truck on (Tyke)" 7" (Easy Action)
NIKKI SUDDEN "The bible belt" 2xLP (Troubadour)
SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND "Detroit tango" 2xLP (Svart Records)
V/A "Jobcentre rejects Vol. 4 - Ultra rare FWOSHM 1978-1983 LP (On the Dole Records)
V/A "Jobcentre rejects Vol. 3 - Ultra rare NWOBHM 1978-1983 LP (On the Dole Records)
CLIENTELLE "Destination unknown" LP (On the Dole Records)
METAL MIRROR "English booze" 7" (On the Dole Records)
PREDATÜR "Seen you here" 7" (On the Dole Records)
V/A "Whiskey preachin' Vol. 1 - 21st century honky tonk for the outlaw dancefloor" (Whiskey Preachin' Records)
V/A "Born to hula! - An exotic trip to the land of 1,000 dances" 2xLP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Keb Darge presents Atomic rhythm!" 2xLP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Cool Cat Club - A Vintage Blues Ragout!" 2xLP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joint - James and Misty Cut 7" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Trashcan Records Vol. 5 - Cha Cha Bop" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Trashcan Records Vol. 6 - The Natives Are Restless" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 5 - Dark Tales Of Western Noir" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 6 - Dark Tales Of Western Noir" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Rockinitis Vol. 3" LP (Stag-o-lee)
HARRY MWALE "Disco king / Sweet love" 7" (Tambourine Party)
HARRY MWALE "Pretty face (Edit) / Loving (Edit)" 7" (Tambourine Party)
QUINN MARTIN "One more mission" 12" (Mothball Record)
THE EXALTICS & HEINRICH MULLER "Dimensional shifting" 2x12" + CD (Solar One Music)
THE EXALTICS & PARIS THE BLACK FU "We exist (Chapter One) 12" (Solar One Music)
MOISK "Paupio genome" 12" (Frente Bolivarista / ILPI)
MUSLIMGAUZE "Vote Hezbollah" 2xLP (Aquarellist)
OBERGMAN "Curvature of time Part 1 12" (Between places)
GALAXY87 "Landing on Mars" 12" (Between places)
V/A "Time capsule" 10x7" Box (Stasis Recordings)
JOHN BELTRAN "La manana" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
AURAL IMBALANCE "Transparent blue" LP (Stasis Recordings)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "Against all ends" LP (Stasis Recordings)
ADRIANO MIRABILE "Mirabile dictu" LP (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND "Travelogue: Destination 1" DL (Stasis Recordings)
MELLONIUS ONE "Lost truths" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SubDan "Signs of life (Remixes)" (Stasis Recordings)
SubDan "Soul bubbles (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
JONATHAN KRISP "Renaissance polyphony" DL (Stasis Recordings)
ERIK SUMO "Run into the wild" 12" (Budabeats)
The Mabon Dawud Republic 12" (Budabeats)
ROBERTO AUSER "Second sun" LP (Dalmata Daniel)
IMRE KISS "Oimachi" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
J. MONO "DDE01" 7" (Dalmata Daniel)
AGA2L "BRVXXX" 10" (Brvtal Budapest)
NIKI ISTREFI / DRAUGR "BRV001 7" (Brvtal Budapest)
AGA2L / ADAM KRASZ "BRV002" 12" (Brvtal Budapest)
NORWELL "Altered states" DL (Crisis Records)
MARTIRIO / LOSTSOUNDBYTES / RAYMONDE / CARCASS IDENTITY "Scary canteen music" 12" (Swallowing helmets)
EXPOSITIONS "Yellow haze" 12" (Forest Jams)
LOSTSOUNDBYTES "Degenerate brain" 12" (Unknown precept)
V/A "Club I" 12" (Filament)
VARIOUS "Fest II" 12" (Filament)
BEAT PHARMACY "Safety in dub" DL (Silent season)
SAPHILAEUM "Forest deity" DL (Silent season)
YUKA "Moon song" DL (Silent season)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "The dreamquest sessions" CD (gterma)
HAVDIS "Fugloya" CD (gterma)
SKYSCAPER "Atmospheric stratification (Rescape)" (gterma)
CHIARA "Rec / Studio line" 7" (Bordello a parigi)
LEITSTRAHL "Daylight comet" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
DEAD HUSBAND "Iguana" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
HYPNOTIQUE "Le penombre" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
CAPTAIN MUSTACHE "Special friend" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Diamonds in the night Vol. 1" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Diamonds in the night Vol. 2" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
NATHAN HALPERN "Goldie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" DL
V/A "Souvenirs (Little gems of pop Vol. 3)" LP (Sound Asleep Records)
MARTINA LUSSI & LOUISE BULOT "Zenith / Serrinha do alambari soundwalk" LP (Otium)
A.P reworks MUSLIMGAUZE "Citadel in nightlight / Tassili n'Ajjer" LP (Staalplaat)

INON ZUR "Fallout 3 (Original game soundtrack)" 4xLP Box set (Spacelab9)
PHILIP K. DICK's "ELECTRIC DREAMS - An anthology series" LP (Spacelab9)
SAMUEL LA FLEMME "Outlast trilogy" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
CHRIS LENNERTZ "The boys (Original Netflix soundtrack)" 2xLP (Sony Pictures / Mondo)
APOCALYPTICA "Aquarela (Original motion picture soundtrack)" (Madison Gate Records)
TORIN BORROWDALE "Searching (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
ALEX HEFFES "Miss Bala" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
V/A "Groundhog day Like father like son (VR Game soundtrack)" (Sony Classical)
V/A "Mississippi hillbillies" 4xCD Box set (JSP Records)
MARC BOLAN "Home demos Vol. 1-5" 5xCD Box set (Easy Action)
JACOBITES "Robespierre's velvet basement" 2xLP (Easy Action)
JOWE HEAD "Widdershins" 2xLP (Easy Action)
CATHERINE LAMBERT & THE LORE LIEGE ENSEMBLE "Beltane (Tales from the book of time - The music of Marc Bolan)" LP (Troubadour)
MARC BOLAN "Pictures of purple people" LP (Easy Action)
T.REX "20th century boy (Live broadcast version)" 7" Pic. Disc (Easy Action)
T.REX "Get it on" 7" Pic. Disc (Easy Action)
T.REX "Jeepster" 7" Pic. Disc (Easy Action)
T.REX "Crimson moon" 7" (Easy Action)
T. REX "Ride a white swan" 7" (Easy Action)
T.REX "Extended play" Mono 7" (Easy Action)
T.REX "Telegram sam / Baby strange" 7" (Easy Action)
T.REX "Times they are strange" LP (Solid Gold Records)
T.REX "Drury lane" 7" (Solid Gold Records)
T.REX "Wimbledon theatre '76" CD (The Bolan Society)
T.REX "Nagoya '73" CD (The Bolan Society)
T.REX "St. Petersburg '72" CD (The Bolan Society)
FUZZTONES "Strychnine" 7" (Easy Action)
NIKKI SUDDEN "The Berlin affair 26.11.91" CDr (Troubadour)
MARC BOLAN "Marc Bolan" CD (Easy Action)
HANTEHIR "Songs we learned in cornish" CD (Easy Action)
V/A "Jobcentre rejects - Ultra rare NWOBHM 1978-82" LP (On The Dole Rec.)
V/A "Jobcentre rejects Vol. 2 - Ultra rare NWOBHM 1980-85" LP (On The Dole Rec.)
THE HAND OF DOOM "Poisonoise" LP (On The Dole Rec.)
V/A "Rockinitis Vol. 2 - Electric blues from the rock'n'roll era" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joints Cut 5 - Sophisticated savage" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joint 6 - Dusty stylus" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Songs from satan's jukebox Vol. 2" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A Trashcan Records Vol. 1 - Wild safari" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A Trashcan Records Vol. 2 - Midnight" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A Trashcan Records Vol. 3 - Devil's pad" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A Trashcan Records Vol. 4 - House of horrors" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "A hard row to hoe Vol. 1 - Dark and moody rhythm'n'blues" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 3 - Dark tales of western noir" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 4 - Dark tales of western noir" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Coolsville Vol. 2" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever 10 LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Dusty ballroom 2 - Anyway you wanta!" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Underground wave Vol. 6" LP (Walhalla Records)
TON LEBBINK "Luchtkastelen" LP (Walhalla Records)
FRED VENTURA "Dancing alone (Demo tapes from the vaults 1982-84" LP (Bordello a parigi)
SO MANY MEN "Voshkod" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
TAMBURA "Tikitaka" 12" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
JOY PETERS "Winter in my heart" 12" (Vintage Pleasure Boutique)
KOBZA VAJK "Kara Libanon" 12" (Budabeats)
V/A "Southern hemisphere" 12" (Budabeats)
THE EXALTICS "Exodus EP" Shaped picture disc 12" 12" (Solar One Music)
DJ SKULL "Red alert EP (Techno city series Part 2 - Chicago)" 12" (Solar One Music)
NULLPTR "Convergence" 12" (Between places / Solar One Music)
FRANCK KARTELL "Science fiction" 12" (Between places / Solar One Music)
PERSONA NON GRATA "God of snakes" 12" 12" (Rattleznake / Solar One Music)
MIDNAT "Shadows in the sun (Remixes)" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
LOUIS HAIMAN "The metronomik EP" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND / DIAGHONAL "Aegerine / Movement D (Remixes)" 10" (Stasis Recordings)
GLO PHASE "All that's happened" 7" (Stasis Recordings)
GLO PHASE "Daylily goddess (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
TECHNO THRILLER "Enfant de sodome" 12" (Unknown precept)
LEGION 808 "Tombouctou crisis" 12" (Unknown precept)
ENDFEST "Denneweg" 12" (Onrijn Records)
STAATSEINDE "Dreiheit" 12" (Onrijn Records)
VECTOR TRANCER "Opening the inner gates" 12" (Mirror Zone)
LIFE OF MARVIN "In the night" 12" (LOM)
MUSLIMGAUZE "Al-Zulfiquar shaheed" CD Box set (Essence Music)
MUSLIMGAUZE meets THE ROOTSMAN "Amahar" CD (Aquarellist)
V/A "20 years of Radio Electronica - The sound of Jena" 2xCD (Radio Electronica
V/A "Reliance" CD (Unknown tribe)
SUBMERSION "Traversal" CDr (Submersion)
BETONKUST & EILANDNET "Robogoth" 12" (Mothball Record)
V/A "Fest I EP" 12" (Filament)
SALSA FINGERS "Coco fantasma" 12" (ILPI)
NORWELL "Joint spaceflights" (Dalmata Daniel)
CT KIDOBÓ "Exterminador EP" (Dalmata Daniel)
DJ OVERDOSE / SEMATIC4 "DDS02" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
CARDOPUSHER "Flesh impact" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
V/A "Mysidian comp Vol. 1" 12" (Mysidian)
EXPOSITIONS "Snacking on fruit" 12" (Forest Jams / Mysidian)
V/A "Firehouse Sound - Greatest hits" 2xLP (Raa Records)

VARIOUS "Call me by your name (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" 2xLP / CD (Madison Gate Records / Music on vinyl)
DAVE PORTER "Breaking bad (Original TV series soundtrack) 10 year anniversary 4xLP Box set (Madison Gate Records / Spacelab9)
SUFJAN STEVENS "Mystery of love" 10" (Madison Gate Records)
FIL EISLER "The Titan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Lakeshore Records)
FIL EISLER "Proud Mary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
MICHAEL WANDMACHER "Patient Zero (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
DOMINIC LEWIS "Peter Rabbit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
NATHAN HALPERN "The rider (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
JON EKSTRAND "Slaughterhouse rulez" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Sony Pictures)
KENJI KAWAI "Resident evil Vendetta (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
NAMCO MUSEUM Arcade game classics LP (Spacelab9)
BEAR McCREARY "Outlander Season 3 - Original Television soundtrack" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
JESPER KYD "Borderlands - Claptastic voyage (Original Game Soundtrack)" LP (Spacelab9)
JAKE SIDWELL "Final space" 7" (Spacelab9)
WHIPLASH "Power and pain" LP (Wax Maniax)
SIGN OF THE JACKAL "Breaking the spell" LP (Wax Maniax)
V/A "Texas hillbillies 1922-1937 (93 restored and remastered songs)" 4xCD Box (JSP Records)
JO STAFFORD "Pathways less explored (104 restored and remastered songs)" 4xCD Box (JSP Records)
MPUMI "Singapore" 2xLP (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
MAYA "Lait de coco" 10" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
V/A "Elsewhere MMDLXXVI" 2xLP (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
VOLTA CAB "Rise again" 2xLP (Bordello a parigi)
PALERMO DISCO SQUAD "Stadio" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
LIGHT CYCLES "Flowing" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
THE HUNT "Beyond the gate of hell" LP (Bordello a parigi)
WLDV "A dying feast" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
CHINASKI "Unschuld der sinne" (Bordello a parigi)
CURSES "Pedal to the metal and don't look back" (Bordello a parigi)
LUCA DELL'ORSO "Quattro" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
ICHISAN "Aperitiv selected reworks" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
BLIND DELON "Assassin" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
HEINRICH DRESSEL "Lost in the woodlands" LP (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco 10" 3x12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco 9" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
GALANTY "Crackin'" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
SPENCER MILES "Dominatrix" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
THÉO SPECIAL "Ivory" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
KOFE "Balance / Computer" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
QUADRATSCHULTZ "La boum" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
LONGHAIR "Longhair" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
BRONCO JOYCE "The need for speed" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
PIN UP CLUB "The forever machine" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
PIN UP CLUB "Naoshima" 12" (Phantasm Records)
KRISTIAN CONDE "The spark" 12" (Vintage Pleasure Boutique)
EINDKRAK "Brullend staal" LP (Unknown precept)
TESLASONIC feat THE HACKER "Quantum paradox" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
THE EXALTICS "Das heise experiment 2" 3x10" + CD (Solar One Music)
THE EXALTICS "Das heise experiment 2 - The prequel" Shaped 12" (Solar One Music)
SCAN 7 "Unify" 12" (Solar One Music)
JENSEN INTERCEPTOR "Activated" 12" (Between places)
MSRG "Khazar" 12" (Between places)
KOMARKEN ELECTRONICS "Humanity plus" 12" (Between places)
ANIMISTIC BELIEFS "Sinous gullies" 12" (Between places)
EFFET ROSE "Macht" 12" (Rattleznake)
PERSONA NON GRATA "God of snakes" 12" (Rattleznake)
AL ONZO "Tango Japan" 12" (Mothball Record)
RAFFAELE FIUME presents FANCY "Null null" 12" (Mothball Record)
PROD & THE MOON / ASH IN OCTOBER "Brisbane" LP (Mothball Record)
HYSTERIC "Temple / Tranquil" 7" (Magic Lantern)
SANDERSON DEAR "Dancing with fireflies (Remixes)" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
AURAL IMBALANCE "Just breathe (Remixes)" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
DIAGHONAL "Spiral" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
DRIFTSYSTEM "Turned to smoke" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
MIDNAT "Small things in life" CD (Stasis Recordings)
MEMPHIS "Beneath a different sun" 12" (Mirror Zone)
DJ UNGEL "Transpirits" 12" (Mirror Zone)
THE HONORARY TITLE "The honorary title" 12" (Enjoy The Ride Rec.)
THE YOUNG BUCKS "Superkick party" 7" (Enjoy The Ride Rec.)
SUNSET STRIP "Crystal ships infinte arrivals" CD (Greville Records)
THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG "Domino club" CD (Talking Elephant)
GREGORY TAYLOR "Randstad" CD (Palace of lights)
ANNEMARIE BORG "In nomine Tellus" CD (gterma)
SUBMERSION "Circular" CD / DL (Submersion)
STAND HIGH PATROL w/ MARINA P "Summer on Mars" LP (Stand High)
STEPART "The curve" 12" (Eddy Larkin)
V/A "Buzzsaw joint Cut 4" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Music from planet Earth Vol, 3" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "The weekend starts here Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "The weekend starts here Vol. 2 - Slow popcorn boppers)" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Dusty ballroom Vol. 1 - In dust we trust" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Rockinitis Vol. 1 - Electric blues from the rock'n'rill era" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Loc-a-li - blues & rhythm popcorn exotica & tittyshakers Vol. 11" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Eeny meenie - exotic blues & rhythm Vol. 12" (Stag-o-lee)
IGGY POP "Bookies club 870" 2xLP (Easy Action)
MARC BOLAN "Home demos Vol. 1 - There was a time" LP (Easy Action)
MARC BOLAN "Home demos Vol. 3 - Slight thigh bebop" LP (Easy Action)
ROWLAND S HOWARD vs. THE DEVASTATIONS "Autoluminescent / Ocean" 7" (Easy Action)
DAVE KUSWORTH "All the heartbreak stories" LP (Jack of Hearts Records)
DAVE KUSWORTH & THE BOUNTY HUNTERS "Wives, weddings & roses" LP (Jack of Hearts Records)
THE BOUNTY HUNTERS "Threads a tear stained scar" LP (Jack of Hearts Records)
SPARKLE MOORE "The exciting world of Sparkle Moore" 10" (Vipvop / Easy Action)
GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS "Say mama / Cat man" 7" (Vipvop / Easy Action)
SCHICKSAL "365 days" LP (Walhalla Records)
MUSLIMGAUZE "Vote hezbollah" 2xLP / 2xCD (Aquarellist)
MUSLIMGAUZE "Gun aramaic Part 2" LP (Aquarellist)

JOHN WILLIAMS "Lost in space (The complete recordings)" 4xLP (Spacelab9)
M. PRZYBYLOWICZ & M. STRONISKI "Witcher 3 - The hunt (Original game soundtrack)" 4xLP (Spacelab9)
MOTOI SAKURABA "Dark souls (Original game soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
MOTOI SAKURABA & YUKA KITAMURA "Dark souls II (Original game soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
M. SAKURABA, Y. KITAMURA, T. SAITOH & N. SUZUKI "Dark souls III (Original game soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9)
JEREMY SOULE "Skyrim - The elder scrolls (Original game soundtrack)" 4xLP (Spacelab9)
JEREMY SOULE "Skyrim atmospheres" LP (Spacelab9)
JASON GRAVES "Far cry primal (Original game soundtrack)" 2xLP (Spacelab9 / Ubisoft)
OLA STRANDH Tom Clancy's The division (Original game soundtrack) 2xLP (Spacelab9)
Irwin Allen's LOST IN SPACE - Title themes and interviews from the hit TV series" LP (Spacelab9)
SODOM "Masquerade in blood" LP (Wax Maniax)
SODOM "Get what you deserve" 2-LP (Wax Maniax)
SODOM "In the sign of evil" Etched LP (Wax Maniax)
ARTILLERY "Fear of tomorrow" 2-LP (Wax Maniax)
ARTILLERY "We are the dead (The demos 1982-84)" 2xLP (Wax Maniax)
CLOVEN HOOF "Cloven Hoof" LP + 7" (Wax Maniax)
VENOM "Skeletons in the closet" 2xLP (Wax Maniax)
V/A "Buzzsaw joints Cut 1 - Diddy Wah" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joints Cut 2 - Astro 138 & DJ Zorch" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Buzzsaw joints Cut 3 . Pavinyl" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 2 - Dark tales of western noir from the ghost town jukebox" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Caribbean odyssey Vol. 2" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Summertime Vol. 3" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Swingin' dicks - Shellac shelters Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Swingin' dicks - Shellac shelters Vol. 2" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Sicksville Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Coolsville Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever 7" LP (Stag-o-lee)
THE LET'S GO'S "Calendar girl" 7" (Sazanami)
LINDA LEWIS "Funky bubbles" 5xCD Box set (Easy Action)
T.REX "Live in Paris" 10" (Easy Action)
T.REX "Jewel / Buick Mackane" 7" (Easy Action)
BRIAN JAMES "Too hot to pop" 7" (Easy Action)
ANDREAS GEHM - "The worst of Gehm" 2x12" + CD Box set (Solar one music)
THE EXALTICS - 10 million light years (10th anniversary) 10" (Solar One Music)
THE EXALTICS "Das heise experiment 2 - The prequel" Shaped Picture disc 12" (Solar One Music)
DAS MUSTER "Fehlersuche" 12" (Between Places / Solar one music)
RAYMOND CASTOLDI "X-Ray Records 1992-94" 3xLP (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
TOO SMOOTH CHRIST "Violet 29" 12" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
TAPP "Blow it up" 12" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
JACY "Somewhere in the tapes" 12" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
ERELL RANSON "Hand in hand 12" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
INTERPLANETARY CRIMINAL "Out of body" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
C.M CORDIO & F. VINCIGUERRA "Quips and cranks" LP (Attic salt discs)
OTTOMIX "Sahara sand" 12" (Attic salt discs)
SELLOREKT / LA DREAMS "Turbo quest" 12" (Mothball Record)
DUTCH DREAM GIRLS "Dutch dream girls" 12" (Mothball Record)
V/A "Ziyka edits" 12" (Ziyka)
DECA "Alkaid" LP (Mothball Record)
PLUSTWO "Mad radio / New sensation" 12" (Mothball Record)
H&S "Sandy traces" 12" (Mothball Record)
G. RACE "On fire" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
THE HACKER "Midnight bliss" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco Vol. 8" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
SALTA & ROMA "Hokus pokus" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
DIGITAL ROMANCE "Digital romance" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MYTRON & OFOFO "Aircraft one" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MONEYMAX & CASHMINUS "Satisfaction" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
FUROR EXÓTICA "More is more" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
HANNELAURI "Earth" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
UABOS "Mystic force" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
G-MACHINE "Disco nightmare" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
G-MACHINE "Flying objects" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MACHINEGEWEHR "The cordyceps" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
TRANSFIGURE - Translation LP (Bordello a parigi)
ICHISAN - Aperitiv 2xLP (Bordello a parigi)
MODULA - Autostrada galattica LP (Bordello a parigi)
PIN UP CLUB - Friends of the vortex 12" (Bordello a parigi)
DANIEL KYO - Evanescence 12" (Bordello a parigi)
SANTUAREG "Milfopolis" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
YOUNGER THAN ME "Destination unknown" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco Vol. 7" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
BIRIZDO I AM "Mademoiselle" 12" (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
MODERN BOOTS "Never say goodbye" 12" (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
MIRKO HIRSH feat. TRANS-X "Video night" 12" (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
NAOMI "Stasera (Tonight)" 12" (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
TOM HOOKER "My russian lady night" 12" (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
BUCKINGHAM PALACE "Give me your name" CD (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
V/A "Vinylized Vol. 1" 12" (AMD Records / Italo Disco NYC)
ATELIER FOLIE "Freedom time" 12" (Disco Modernism)
GALACTIC JACKSON'S "Balla compleanno" 12" (Ballacid Records)
YELLOW BEACH BALLS "Space cat" 12" (Mysidian)
CCO "Road to the stars" 12" (Photic Fields)
BETONKUST / UJ BALA "DDS01" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
PLEASURE MODEL "Update 1.1" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
INFINITY NIGHT - Eternal love 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
NORWELL "Odd" 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
J. MONO - Zzz 12" (Dalmata Daniel)
MAUOPA MAZZOCCHETTI "Infinite glance court 12" (Unknown precept)
PYRAMID CLUB "Cyclic obsession" 12" (Unknown precept)
SANTIAGO "Life, money, work" 12" (Unknown precept)
BEPPE LODA "Obscure Italian disco funky" 12" (Violette Szabo)
RIC PICCOLO "The sound of Pampas" 12" (Violette Szabo)
NACHTZUG "Unspoken" 12" (Vortex Traks)
VOILITION IMMINENT "Wake up" 7" (Mind Records)
FEMMINIELLI NOIR " que la fete continue" 7" (Mind Records)
STEPART "Playground" LP (Stand High)
HUMBLE BROTHER "Rebel" 7" (Dub Invasion Records)
MULTICAST DYNAMICS - Continental ruins LP / CD (Denovali Records)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "A sense of unity (Remixes)" 12" (Stasis Recordings)
ADRIANO MIRABILE "Supertrampel" 10" (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND "On earth" CD (Stasis Recordings)
AURAL IMBALANCE "Propagation of light" CD (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Edge of the forest (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
OICHO "Halfling" DL (Stasis Recordings)
AP ORGANISM "Sunrise on the coast" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SECOND LANGUAGE "The party" 12" (Total Stasis)
V/A "The whispering trees" LP (Walhalla Records)
NORD - Nord 2xCD incl. live recordings from 1980-82 (Art into life)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "The nightquest sessions" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Divinations" CD (gterma)
SECONDFACE "Transitions" CD (gterma)
SHIRLEY COLLINS & THE ALBION COUNTRY BAND "No roses" CD (Talking Elephant Records)
MELANIE "Garden in the city" CD (Talking Elephant Records)
DENEUVE "Light heeled fleet footed artists" LP (Blowpipe)
BURIED FEATHER - Mind of the swarm LP (Bilocation Records)

V/A "The Lung Function years - solo & side-projects of Click Click (5xLP Box set) Vinyl-on-demand
SONYA SPENCE sings love 2xLP (Attic Salt Discs)
BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL "These fleeting moments" 2xLP (Projekt)
THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS "Nobody knows the heaven" LP (Lion Productions)
STEPHEN HEAD / ALDO TAMBORRELLI "Tornado" (Original soundtrack) LP (Bordello a parigi)
SAN GIOVANNI BASSISTA "Don't go / Summer sweat" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
ZOMBIES IN MIAMI "Turquoise" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
AUX THA MASTERFADER "Ready to dance" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
HARD TON "Triple X" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
PALERMO DISCO SQUAD "Island life" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
FRANZ SCALA "Discoteca paradiso" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
BIJOU "Bienvenue a bord" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera Disco 6" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
INFINITY NIGHT "Summer" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
ODESSA "Private disco show" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
SURF DANCER "Rainbow man" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
A VISITOR FROM ANOTHER MEANING "Lost encounters I" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MODEL MAN "Hidden waves" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
DECA "Synthetic lips" LP (Mothball Record / Bordello a parigi)
ALI RENAULT "Altro mondo" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
SKATEBARD "Colour negatives" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
FORKLIFT AND SAW "Regressive disco" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MARIO MORETTI "Velocitá" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
E.R.P "Ancient light (Hubble telescope series Vol. II) 12" (Solar One Music)
PROJECT STS-31 - "Spiralgalaxie (Hubble telescope series Vol. III) 12" (Solar One Music)
V/A "Signs of decay" 12" (Solar One Music)
V/A "Signs of decay 2" 12" (Solar One Music) 12"
V/A "Violette Szabo Vol. 1" 12" (Violette Szabo)
HYSTERIC "Amour" 12" (Violette Szabo)
FAB MAYDAY "From the vaults" 12" (Violette Szabo)
DE LOS MIEDOS "Let's dance" 12" (Violette Szabo)
V/A "Gunsmoke Vol. 1 - Dark tales of western noir from the ghost town jukebox" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "An exploration into the seductive world of Fever" Vol. 2 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Jukebox fever Vol. 1: 1956" 10"(Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Jukebox fever Vol. 2: 1957" 10"(Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Beats from Badsville Vol. 4" 2x10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Boom stix! Vol. 10" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Shadrach Vol. 9" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever 6" LP (Stag-o-lee)
AUTOMATIC CITY "One batch of blues" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
THE EXCELLOS "Rise up" LP (Stag-o-lee)
TARENTEL "From bone to satellite" 2-LP (Temporary Residence Limited)
JIM FORD "Allergic to love (The later recordings) LP (Bear Family)
SON OF A WITCH "Thrones in the sky" LP (Bilocation Records)
STARZY SINGERS "Rock-a-bubu" 2-LP + CD (Antena Krzyku)
EWA BRAUN "Sea sea" LP (Antena Krzyku)
ASHLEY HUTCHINGS ALLSTARS "As you like it" CD (Talking Elephant)
THE ALBION CHRISTMAS BAND - "Magic touch" CD (Talking Elephant)
MELANIE "Leftover wine" CD (Talking Elephant)
RED ZEBRA "Beauties of the beast (Best of RED ZEBRA 1980-83)" CD (Starman Records)
V/A "Belgian vaults Vol. 5" LP (Starman Records)
V/A "Radio modern" 2xCD (Starman Records)
LEONARD CHARLES "Basement donuts" 2x12" (Hit + Run)
V/A "Road kill Vol. 3" LP (Hit + Run)
HOLY SMOKE "Holy smoke" 10" (Hit + Run)
KUTMAH "BLK / SMR" 10" (Hit + Run)
ZEROH "Tinnitus" 10" (Hit + Run)
ZACKEY FORCE FUNK "Animals" Flexi disc 7" (Hit + Run)
CINEMATIC 74 "Realtime inverted" CD (Photic Fields)
THE VALLEY AND THE MOUNTAIN "Gentle waters keep moving" CD (Photic Fields)
MIND OVER MIDI "Explore" CD (First notions)
NS KROO "Fit" 12" (Stand High)
PARIS TO KYIV / V/A "Fragmenti remixes" CD (Balanced Records)
HYSTERIC "Summer in Cairo" 12" (Fuego International)
RON JUAN "Musica complessa" 12" (White Rabbit Recordings)
99LETTERS "Untold future" 12" (Dalamata Daniel)
AIR LQD "Remain neutral" 12" (Unknown precept)
IXVLF "Involuntary movement" 12" (Unknown precept)
VERTICAL67 "Crystalline" 12" (Vortex Traks)
V/A "Vortex Traks Vol. 2" 12" (Vortex Traks)
KIKI HITOMI "Karma no kusari" LP (Jahtari)
CHANCO "Showcase" LP (Shut up, bway!)
V/A "Underground wave Vol. 5" LP (Walhalla Records)
ENZO KREFT "Dark matter" LP (Walhalla Records)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "The nightquest sessions" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "The darklight quest" CD (gterma)
SILENTWAVE "Daiyuzan" CD (gterma)
HAVDIS "Novemberlys" CD (gterma)
DAVID PARSONS "Puja" CD (gterma)
SiJ & GABBASOV "Perseides" CD (gterma)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "The golden energy (Remixes) 12" (Stasis Recordings)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "Superspace" CD (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Urban mosaic" CD (Stasis Recordings)
THE CHIMES "The Chimes" (Deluxe edition) 2xCD (Big Break Records)
GENUINE JACKS "Candyland" LP (Tabacka Records)
MISTREATED "Premiere intervention" LP / CD (No Remorse Records)

THE DEEP "Psychedelic moods (A mind expanding phenomena) 3xLP (Lion Productions)
MICHAEL ANGELO "Guinn sessions / Sorcerer's dream / Nuts" LP / CD (Lion Productions)
TIN HOUSE "Tin House" 2xLP (Lion Productions)
THE SEARCH PARTY "Montgomery chapel" LP (Lion Productions)
WAPASSOU "Wapassou" LP / CD (Lion Productions)
PORTION CONTROL "Progress report 1982-1986" 2xLP (Vinyl-on-demand)
V/A "De Muze" (Dutch blues & folk rock 1967) CD + Book (Philips)
SONNY BOYS / AJFNELEN "Singles & demos 1969-1986" CD (Eigen Beheer)
V/A "Jungle jive - Voodoo exotica jungle swing Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "An exploration into the exotic world of Taboo Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Boom-a-lay Vol. 7 - Blues & rhythm, popcorn, exotica & tittyshakers" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Chug-a-lug Vol. 8 - Blues & rhythm, popcorn, exotica & tittyshakers" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever 4" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever 5" LP (Stag-o-lee)
STARZY SINGERS "Ombreola" 2xLP + CD (Antena Krzyku)
MATA HARI "Mata Hari" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
G-MACHINE "Primo contatto" 2xLP (Bordello a parigi)
CASANOVA "Tutti quanti" 10" (Bordello a parigi)
PALERMO DISCO SQUAD "Palermo theme" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
IRREGULAR DISCO WORKERS "Italofficina" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
NOUVELLE PHENOMENE "Cruel game" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
DOCTR "Paradise island" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
RIC PICCOLO "Austral works 3" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
RIC PICCOLO "Austral works 4" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco Vol. 4" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco Vol. 5" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A Hafenstrasse disco Vol. 1" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
INFINITY NIGHT "Winter" 12" (Bordello a parigi"
MAGIC SOUND "To Haldin" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
TULIOXI / A. ROBOTNICK "Roboxi" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
FRED VENTURA "Love is my answer" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
GIUSY DEJ "Walking in the night" 12" (Mothball Record)
HILDEGARD "Satanicamente / Gay" 12" (Mothball Record)
KATIA "Io senza di te" 12" (Mothball Record)
FM ATTACK "Dreamatic" 12" (Mothball Record)
3RD EYE FOUNDATION "Semtex (20th anniversay edition)" 3xLP + CD (Ici D'Ailleurs)
CHAPELIER FOU "Fuses" 12" (Ici d'ailleurs)
STEFAN WESOLOWSKI "Kompleta" LP / CD (Ici d'ailleurs)
STAND HIGH PATROL "A matter of scale" 2 x LP / CD (Standhigh)
ROGER ROBINSON "Dis side ah town" LP (Jahtari)
MAFFI "Killah tape" 12" (Jahtari)
REVEREND DANNY DREAD "Chatty mouth defeat" 7" (Col. Mustards / Jahtari)
JUNIOR CAT "See di bobo dread" 7" (Col. Mustards / Jahtari)
NARAM / FACE & SHEENYBOO "Dangerous" 7" (Jahtari / Col. Mustard's)
DADDY FREDDY "Long way" 7" (Jahtari / Col. Mustard's)
WHEELER / DIGITAL STEPPAZ feat. SHANTI D "Breeze blow / Dem no ready" 7" (Double dynamite)
NULL "Almost" LP (Acephale)
ZUFU "In pieces" 12" (Eddy Larkin)
PANACH "Digbeth" 12" (Eddy Larkin)
LUXUS VARTA "Everything is nothing (Hubble Telescope series Vol. 1)" 12" (Solar One Music)
V/A "Vortex Traks Vol. 01" 12" (Vortex Traks)
MARCELLO GIORDANI "Danza meccanica" 12" (Italo Deviance)
RON JUAN "O pais do sol" 12" (White Rabbit Recordings)
HYSTERIC "Extra terrestrial" 12" (Mysidian / Forest Jams)
ROMANSOFF "Overdose alert" 12" (Bitter Moon)
UABOS "Dusk" 12" (Bitter moon)
V/A "Lunes de fiel Vol. 2" 12" (Bitter moon)
V/A "Underground wave 7"'s" LP (Walhalla Records)
THE TEAPAD ORCHESTRA "Honest man" 7" (Teapad Recordings)
VAGON BREI "The pleasure of finding things out" CD (Photic Fields)
PERSEUS TRAXX "Harmony of elements" 12" (Photic Fields)
SUBMERSIBLE MACHINES "Waypoints" 12" (Photic Fields)
VERTICAL67 "Panta rhei" CD (Photic Fields)
CAROLYN HESTER w/ BOB DYLAN remastered LP / CD (Troubadour)
AEROSMITH "Up in smoke" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
SANTANA "Toda" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
LINDA RONSTADT "Silver threads" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
LITTLE FEAT "On your way down" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
V/A Salamanca Vol. 1" 12" (Salamanca Edits)
V/A Salamanca Vol. 2" 12" (Salamanca Edits)
V/A Salamanca Vol. 3" 12" (Salamanca Edits)
V/A Salamanca Vol. 4" 12" (Salamanca Edits)
V/A "Heavy rotation III" (Frisbee Records)
ROBERTO AUSER "Extraterrestrial" 12" (Charlois)
TIMOTHY J. FAIRPLAY "Love & Columbium" 12" (Charlois)
HANTE. "Her fall and rise" LP (Stellar kinematics)
TIM ROBERTSON "Outer planetary church music" LP (Aguirre Records)
JELLY BELLY "This ain't no" 12" (Deadred / Starcastic)
FROGBELLY & SYMPHONY / 9-VOLT HAUNTED HOUSE "Can I dress like you?" LP / CD (Labelship)
HERBSTLAUB "New insights from forgotten clouds" LP (
URENGA "Pacific depths" CD (gterma)
AS IF "Havet" CD (gterma)
SEAN WASHBURN "Wave mantra" CD (gterma)
SiJ & S. GABBASOV "Zhang zhung" CD (gterma)
KARNNOS "The dream continent" CD (Cynfeirdd)
V/A "Wandering II" 3xCD (Silent season)
WANDERWELLE "Ocean stories" DL (Silent season)
V/A "Our ambient collection 2" CD (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Homeward bound" DL (Stasis Recordings)
LOUIS HAIMAN "12th house (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND "Caracara (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND "Goshawk" DL (Stasis Recordings)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "Hyper dimensions" DL (Stasis Recordings)
AURAL IMBALANCE "Three and two" DL (Stasis Recordings)

MUSLIMGAUZE "Chasing the shadow - Early works 1983-87" 10-LP + 10" plus 208 page book with accompanying CD (Vinyl-on-demand VOD121)
MUSLIMGAUZE "A putrid oasis" CD with book (Soleilmoon Recordings)
THEALONIAN MUSIC / MODERN JAZZ / ASH WEDNESDAY "Recordings 1980-83" 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD131.7/8)
K2 "Kinky tape collection 1981-83" 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD132.9/10)
RATIONAL YOUTH "Cold war night life" 5-LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand VOD124)
JONI MITCHELL "Through yellow curtains" 2 x CD (Troubadour)
BONNIE RAITT "Under the falling sky" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
EMMYLOU HARRIS "Twenty thousand roads" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
JAMES TAYLOR "Carnegie Hall 1974" 2 x CD (FM in Concert series)
BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL "Remnants of a deeper purity" 2-LP + CD (Projekt)
OTO "Purge an urge" LP (Desire Records)
OTO "Anyway" 12" (Desire Records)
CANDIDATE "Side by side" LP (Desire Records)
ZEX MODEL "First mutation" 12" (Desire Records)
RICARDO TOBAR "Garden / Hundreds (Daniel Avery & Bass Clef remixes)" 12" (Desire Records)
BLUSH RESPONSE "Desire machines" LP (Desire Records)
MINUIT MACHINE "Live & destroy" LP (Desire Records)
TSTI "Evaluated" LP (Desire Records)
JBLA "Belleville" 12" (Desire Records)
ORPHAN SWORDS "Risk in a new age" 12" (Desire Records)
D'MARC CANTU "Parisian summer" 12" (Desire Records)
V/A "Savage rhythm - Swinging dancefloor sounds to blow your top" 2xLP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Beats from Badsville Vol. 3" 2x10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Music from planet Earth Vol. 1 - Martians, ray guns, flying saucers and other space junk" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Music from planet Earth Vol. 2 - Aliens, teenie weenie men, moonbeams and the gayway to heaven" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Caribbean audio odyssey" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
TAV FALCO's Wild and exotic world of musical obscurities 2xLP (Stag-o-lee)
LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS "Agri.dustrial" LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Higher ground Vol. 1" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Jim Jam gems Vol. 3 - Party in the front, Black Jack in the back" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Jim Jam gems Vol. 4 - Bongology!" 10" (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever Vol. 1 - Adventures in the sleazy world of popcorn noir..." LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever Vol. 2 - MORE! Adventures in the sleazy world of popcorn noir..." LP (Stag-o-lee)
V/A "Slow grind fever Vol. 3 - YET MORE! Adventures in the sleazy world of popcorn noir..." LP (Stag-o-lee)
IL BALETTO DI BRONZO "Sirio 2222" LP / CD (Lion Productions)
BOSSMEN "Personally yours: The complete anthology of The Bossmen" LP / CD (Lion Productions)
NIHILIST SPASM BAND "No record" LP / CD (Lion Productions)
RIC PICCOLO "Austral works Vol. 1+2" 2x12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Riviera disco Vol. 1-3" 3x12" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Mothball dance classics" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
VERSLO RIZIKOS REZERVAS "Nebelipk" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
LAZERCAT "Vector dance" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MACHINEGEWEHR "Carradine" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
HARD TON & PAUL PARKER "The heat is on" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
NEUD "Play" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
LOCAL SUICIDE "We can go everywhere" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
LIPPI LIPPI "Valentine" 7" (Bordello a parigi)
V/A "Lunes de fiel Vol. 1" 12" (Bitter Moon)
MANUEL "Occhi occhi occhi (Remixes)" 10" (Mothball Record)
LISFRANK "Elevators" LP (FinalMuzik)
HANTE "Her fall and rise" 7" (Stellar Kinematics)
NARAM "March of the gremlins" 2x12" (Jahtari)
DISRUPT "Dub matrix with stereo sound" 12" (Jahtari)
V/A "Jahtarian dubbers Vol. 4" LP (Jahtari)
HAM DER HASSE Den der ep" 12" (Stil & Facon)
SKOD KONG "Pa en fattig mands made" 12" (Stil & Facon)
LEFTY LUCY "Phantom breaker 1993-96" LP (MPLS Ltd.)
MAUSOLEUM GATE "Mausoleum gate" LP / CD (Cruz del sur)
LUIGI PORTO "Scimmie" LP / CD (Cineploit)
V/A "Belgian vaults 4" LP + CD (Starman Records)
V/A "Underground wave Vol. 4" (Walhalla Records)
V/A "Romance moderne 2" LP (Romance Moderne)
V/A "Phra Rahu" 2-CD (gterma)
URENGA "Mu (The lost continent)" (gterma)
GLEISBERG & GRASSOW "Ad lucem" (gterma)
ETHERNET "Tanuki dreams" CD (gterma)
SCREAMIN' RACHEL "I need a party" 12" (Trax Records)
V/A "Fields of light" 12" (Photic Fields)
DIFFERENT FOUNTAINS "Wading for guyton" 12" (Different fountains editions)
MUSUMECI "Studio recordings 1985" 12" (Mannequin)
INFORMATION SOCIETY "Insoc" 12" (Mannequin)
PHANTOM LOVE "Crave for lust" 12" (Zerokilled)
POLICE DES MEURS / ESSAIE PAS 12" (Atelier Ciseaux)
FRANCIS LUNG "Selfish man / Tsunami blues" 7" (Atelier Ciseaux)
V/A "Underground wave Vol. 4" LP (Walhalla Records)
HNN "L'ile nue" LP (La forme lente)
SIMON FRANK "Double image" LP (J.S.U.D)
ORPHAN FAIRYTALE "My favourite fairytale" 2-LP (Aguirre Records)
DISSECTING TABLE "Hyper" 4-CD Box set (Ultramail Prod.)
DOUBLE EWES "Double Ewes" CD (Selfreleased)
CORONER "Death cult" remastered reissue CD / LP with bonus tracks (No Remorse Records)
R.I.P.SAW "An evening of chaos" CD / DVD (No Remorse Records)
DANG "Tartarus: The darkest realm" CD / 2-LP (No Remorse Records)
UNDARA "Live at Satellite" DL (Archaic Drones)
OFF LAND "Osculation" DL (Stasis Recordings)
LOUIS HAIMAN "Twelfth house" DL (Stasis Recordings)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "Ganesh (remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
MAPS OF HYPERSPACE "Sleep" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "The imaginary world of Oliver" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Andromeda house (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Recordings)
V/A "Bitterness of soul" DL (Pinkman Records)
THE TORAIA ORCHESTRA OF ALGIERS "Music of the arab people" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Negro Prison Songs from the Mississippi State Penitentiary" (Essential Media Group)
RAOUL POLIAKIN AND HIS ORCHESTRA "I'll remember april" (Essential Media Group)
JAMAICAN STEEL BAND "Steel drums of the Caribbean: Calypso classics" (Essential Media Group)
CHARLES ROSEN "Scarlatti: Six Sonatas - Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 13 in B-Flat Major K. 333" (Essential Media Group)
GUNTHER WAND Conducting The Cologne Symphony Orch. "HAYDN: Symphony No. 103 in E-Flat Major, Hob. I/103 & Symphony No. 82 in C Major" (Essential Media Group)
Lawrence Tibbett "Great Voices Of The Century (Remastered Historical Recordings)" (Essential Media Group)
Bernhard Paumgartner "Mozart: Concertos K. 314 & K. 417 & K. 299/297c" (Essential Media Group)
Karl Ristenpart Conducting The Orchestra Of The Sarre "Bach: Suite for Orchestra No. 1 in C Major, BMV 1066 & Suite for Orchestra No. 2" (Essential Media Group)
Karl Ristenpart Conducting The Orchestra Of The Sarre "Bach: Suite for Orchestra No. 3 in D Major, BMV 1068 & Suite for Orchestra No. 4" (Essential Media Group)
ALDO PARISOT "Kodály: Sonata for Solo Cello in B Minor, Op. 8 - Bach: Suite No. 5 for Cello in C Minor" (Essential Media Group) (Essential Media Group)
Galimir String Quartet & Harold Gomberg "Britten: Fantasy for Oboe and String Trio in F Minor, Op. 2 & String Quartet No. 1 in D minor" (Essential Media Group)
ISCM CONCERT GROUP conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos "Schoenberg: Serenade for Septet and Baritone Voice, Op. 24" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Northern soul 2007-2010" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Northern Soul Memories Vol. 1-4" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "I Wanna Make It On My Own (Expanded Edition)" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "Yesterday And Tomorrow 1975 - 2008: The Ian Levine Songbook" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "Have A Little Faith In Me (Expanded Edition)" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "High Energy (Expanded Edition)" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "Standing At The Crossroads (Expanded Edition)" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "Tightrope" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "Reflections / Sorry Wrong Number" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "12" Hits And More" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "No win situation" (Essential Media Group)
EVELYN THOMAS "This is Madness" (Essential Media Group)
BOBBY PRUIT "Let Your Love / Bad Luck" (Essential Media Group)
RALPH, OSCAR & ME "Just Wanna Love You" (Essential Media Group)
GLADYS BANKSTON "All The Love You Need" (Essential Media Group)
OSCAR G "Give yourself" (Essential Media Group)
SECRET CODE "Sunday Morning" (Essential Media Group)
X-ACT "Said so" (Essential Media Group)
BOBBY PRUIT "It's Alright" (Essential Media Group)
EXHUME "Exhume" (Essential Media Group)
BERNIE WAYNE and his orchestra "Theme From The Heiress / Twilight In Paris" (Essential Media Group)
CHILL FAC-TORR "Twist (Round 'N Round) / Round 'N Round" (Essential Media Group)
LLOYD PRICE "This is my band" (Essential Media Group)
PETER NIELSEN "The rhythmic fingers of Peter Nielsen: His piano with Orchestra" (Essential Media Group)
ECSTASY "Living In Ecstacy / I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" (Essential Media Group)
JIMMY REED "As Jimmy is" (Essential Media Group)
TROUBLE FUNK "It's In The Mix (Don't Touch That Stereo) / Still Smokin'" (Essential Media Group)
VIENNA CONCERT ORCHESTRA conducted by HEINZ SANDAUER "Destination Moon (Original Motion Picture Score)" (Essential Media Group)
LOS CORDOBESOS "Voces de Los Cordobeses" (Essential Media Group)
THE HILO HAWAIANS "Honeymoon In Hawaii" (Essential Media Group)
Chief Walatghi and his Afro-Drummers "Taboo - Exotic Rhythms Of The Jungle" (Essential Media Group)
BIRD ROLLINS "I'm Gonna Try To Be Real True To You" (Essential Media Group)
DOC EVANS and his DIXIELAND BAND "Muskrat Ramble" (Essential Media Group)
DOC EVANS and his DIXIELAND BAND "Doc + 4 = Dixie" (Essential Media Group)
JOHNNY WINTER "Before the storm" (Essential Media Group)
DOC WATSON "Out in the country" (Essential Media Group)
DOC WATSON "Little Stream Of Whiskey & Other Favorites" (Essential Media Group)
MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT "Satisfied" (Essential Media Group)
MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT "Lonesome Blues & Other Favorites" (Essential Media Group)
LOUIS DANTO "Moscow Nights!" (Essential Media Group)
LEE MOSES "Time and place" (Essential Media Group)
GEORGE VOUMARD "The art of romantic piano" (Essential Media Group)
GEORGE VOUMARD ORCHESTRA "The passionate art of tango" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Rockin' The Blues (Original Soundtrack)" (Essential Media Group)
WILLIE WRIGHT "I sing folk songs" (Essential Media Group)
MAGIC SAM "Genius - The final sessions" (Essential Media Group)
MAGIC SAM "Chi-Town Boogie & other favorites" (Essential Media Group)
THE RALPH SUTTON QUARTET "Jazz at The Olympics" (Essential Media Group)
THE BIG BAY BAND "Big sounds" (Essential Media Group)
THE BARKERS "Barking on The Beatles" (Essential Media Group)
SOUND IN THE ROUND "Echoes of the storm" (Essential Media Group)
CHAINO and his African Percussion Safari "Jungle echoes" (Essential Media Group)
DAVID LLOYD and his LONDON ORCHESTRA "Film hits" (Essential Media Group)
DAVID LLOYD and his LONDON ORCHESTRA "The Best Loved Melodies Of The Films" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Disko House Mix" (Essential Media Group)
THE SPLIFFS "Bluntz / Stand By Me" (Essential Media Group)
"Toomorrow (Original Soundtrack)" (Essential Media Group)
JOHNNY THUNDER Loop De Loop (Essential Media Group)
THE Hi-Lo's with FRANK COMSTOCK & HIS ORCHESTRA The Hi-Lo's In Stereo (Essential Media Group)
V/A British Folk Artist Concert (Essential Media Group)
HOWARD RUMSEY'S LIGHTHOUSE ALL-STARS + 10 Jazz Rolls Royce (Essential Media Group)
KAY STARR Sings! (Essential Media Group)
The Globetrotters (Expanded Edition) (Essential Media Group)
V/A Nutty Novelty Songs from the 50's & 60's (Essential Media Group)
ELEANOR GOODMAN Love Thief (Essential Media Group)
BLOOD BROTHERS Blood Brothers (Essential Media Group)
RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN All About Love, Who's Gonna Make The First Move? (Essential Media Group)
EDDIE FISHER Hot Lunch (Essential Media Group)
GINO LATINO Welcome / Yo (Essential Media Group)
TRACY SPURLIN & GEORGE KERR If You Could Read My Mind / Don't Fight The Feeling (Essential Media Group)
KERR Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing / Thank You (Essential Media Group)
MONTANA MOON featuring BEVERLI Now I Need Your Love (Essential Media Group)
REGINA COFFEE & GEORGE KERR I Need To See You Again / The Closer I Get To You (Essential Media Group)
PANORAMICS Estrellita El Mix (Essential Media Group)
DIZZY DEE I'm Not Your Wild Thing / Biting The Stone Fox (Essential Media Group)
DANNY B. SMOOTH Girl Your Slammin' / Pure Satisfaction (Essential Media Group)
CREW DEVASTATION No Time To Lose (Essential Media Group)
RUGENIA PEOPLES Out Here Again (Essential Media Group)
MELLO TONE TEE Mission Is Possible / Jersey Time (Essential Media Group)
RUGENIA PEOPLES We Can Make it Last / Out Here Again (Essential Media Group)
CREW DEVASTATION "We're All Going to Heaven" (Essential Media Group)
DYSHON feat. SQUABBLE "I got what you want" (Essential Media Group)
DEEP 6IX "Bum bum bum" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Las Vegas dance party" (Essential Media Group)
THE RAPPIN' LORDS "Bad self / The rappin' lords" (Essential Media Group)
BARBI BENTON "Barbi Benton" (Essential Media Group)
EDDIE DEAN "Sincerely" (Essential Media Group)
LARRY CARR with BETHE DOUGLAS "Sings verse and chorus" (Essential Media Group)
LLOYD PRICE "Music music" (Essential Media Group)
SINNAMON "I need you now (The remixes)" (Essential Media Group)
PANDELLA "Pull our love together" (Essential Media Group)
PANDELLA "Release me" (Essential Media Group)
KOMIX & CO feat. PANDELLA "Feel it" (Essential Media Group)
KOMIX & CO feat. ANTOINETTE ROBERTSON "Lead me on" (Essential Media Group)
MARBOO "What about love / I remember sunday morning" (Essential Media Group)
MITCH DIXON "Those who have (Those who have not)" (Essential Media Group)
THE SILVERTONES "Jumpin' jack / Eternity" (Essential Media Group)
TEDDY & THE ROUGHRIDERS "Tomahawk / Thunderhead" (Essential Media Group)
THE TREND-ELS "I'm so young / Don't you hear me calling" (Essential Media Group)
THE TREN-DELLS "Moments like this / I miss you so" (Essential Media Group)
DALE HAWKINS "Money honey / Same old way" (Essential Media Group)
DALE HAWKINS "Hawk blows band plays Vol. 1-2" (Essential Media Group)
HAYDEN SISTERS "Silent tears / Mr. Blues" (Essential Media Group)
PAUL PENNY "The little things that you do / Honey" (Essential Media Group)
COSMO AND THE CARNATIONS "You can't get kissed (when you twist) / A moment" (Essential Media Group)
COSMO "Just words / Sweetheart please don't go" (Essential Media Group)
THE SULTANS "It'll be easy / You got me going" (Essential Media Group)
TOUCH OF CLASS "Don't want no other lover / God bless me" (Essential Media Group)
BEAUTIFUL BEND "Boogie motion / Make that feeling come again" (Essential Media Group)
R.B GREAVES "Rock n roll / I'm married, you're married" (Essential Media Group)
R.B GREAVES "Let's try it again /Stereo) / Let's try it again (Mono)" (Essential Media Group)
LEON HAYWOOD "Ain't no use / Hey hey hey" (Essential Media Group)
LEON HAYWOOD "Baby reconsider / Going back to New Orleans" (Essential Media Group)
THE GLOBETROTTERS "ESP / Everybody needs love" (Essential Media Group)
PHILLY CREAM It's A Beautiful Morning (Essential Media Group)
TRU It's Hard to Be "Tru" (Essential Media Group)
THE DISCOSOUL ORCHESTRA New Year's Medley (Essential Media Group)
THE DISCOSOUL ORCHESTRA Christmas Disco Medley (Essential Media Group)
THE DISCOSOUL ORCHESTRA #1 Dee Jay (Essential Media Group)
THE DISCOSOUL ORCHESTRA Merry Christmas All (Essential Media Group)
CHUCK ARMSTRONG Give Me All Your Sweet Lovin' / She Had The Right (Essential Media Group)
MICKEY WHIGHAMS How Long Has This Been Going On (Essential Media Group)
LEE FIELDS Everbody Gonna Give Their Thing Away To Somebody (Essential Media Group)
JOY Seriously (Essential Media Group)
K'MCH Break Easy (The Free & Easy Way) (Essential Media Group)
DE DE S & M (Sexy Music) (Essential Media Group)
CHAPTER 3 LIVE Rock The House (Essential Media Group)
24-7 Sunday Night I Just Got Layed (Sugar Hips) (Essential Media Group)
R.C MILLER I'm Back / I'll Find Someone (Essential Media Group)
THE MURPHYS Murphy's Jive Law (Essential Media Group)
LEGION OF DOOM The Beat Of The Drum (Essential Media Group)
SUNDANCE featuring KEVIN STEVENSON I do (Essential Media Group)
CIRCLE OF KERR I'm Flying High (Essential Media Group)
LITTLE 7 & HASS-C-B Sneakers / He Did It (Essential Media Group)
AUDIO SOURCE Stop Cracking (Essential Media Group)
RICKIE CLARK Ladies Rights (Essential Media Group)
ANTHONY Roxanne Is A Man (Essential Media Group)
LIFE Out-Rage-Us (Essential Media Group)
NICE You Are Very Special (Essential Media Group)
FRESH FACE Huevo Dancing (Essential Media Group)
DUTCH ROBINSON Happy (Essential Media Group)
DUTCH ROBINSON Change Your Mind (Essential Media Group)
ELEANOR GRANT (I Am Ready) Sexual Healing (Essential Media Group)
JOHN HENRY MILLER JR. Spiritual Healing / I'm Glad (Essential Media Group)
FREIDA NORWOOD Your Love (Is Getting Better All The Time) (Essential Media Group)
T.C. & DANGEROUS 3 You Can Do It (Essential Media Group)
KERR Back at ya (Essential Media Group)
SANDY KERR "(I'm) Billie Jean" (Essential Media Group)
SANDY KERR "Thanks" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Doo-Wop Classics Vol. 19" (Essential Media Group)
THE DOVERS Devil You May Be / The Sentence (Essential Media Group)
THE CHESTNUTS Love is True / It's You I Love (Essential Media Group)
EDDIE HOLLOWAY "Shake'n'bump" (Essential Media Group)
CAROL DOUGLAS "The Best Of Carol Douglas" (Essential Media Group)
THE WHATNAUTS "Introducing The Whatnauts" (Essential Media Group)
Nat Mara And His Tahitians With Tony Taukaki And Vilisi - "Welcome To Tahiti" (Essential Media Group)
The Harpsichord Quartet - Frescobaldi: Five Canzoni Per Sonar / Rosenmüller: Sonata (Essential Media Group)
Luis Ferrey - Classic Tangos For Piano (Essential Media Group)
STARAH - In A Mystery (Essential Media Group)
The Jazz Excursion - Excursion (Essential Media Group)
The San Francisco Sound Commission - Back Bay (Essential Media Group)
Aaron Lewis & Jack Manno - My One And Only Love (Essential Media Group)
DI - What's the Point? (Essential Media Group)
Peter Marin With The Frank Unzueta Trio - Overnight Success (Essential Media Group)
The Brighton Studio Ensemble - Strangers In The Night (Essential Media Group)
Doug Moody With The Brighton Studio Ensemble - Doug Moody Sings Love Moods (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Gus Gossert's 25 Favorite New York Doo-Wops" (Essential Media Group)
The Pete Jolly Trio And Friends - Little Bird (Essential Media Group)
The Pete Jolly Trio And Friends - Little Bird / Falling In Love With Love (Essential Media Group)
The Pete Jolly Trio - Sweet September / Kiss Me Baby (Essential Media Group)
Johnny Holiday - Sings The Songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim (Essential Media Group)
OPUS - Opus (Essential Media Group)
Ty Carr With The Danny Gould Orchestra "You're A Sweetheart / Marcia" (Essential Media Group)
Smiley Monroe And His West Virginia Stompers "The Corner Café / Old Man Peter" (Essential Media Group)
Wild Bill Davis "Boogie Woogie / Blues For Barbara" (Essential Media Group)
The Randy Van Horne Singers "The March Of The Regiment / The Old Chisholm Trail" (Essential Media Group)
The Candletts "My Only Love / It’s Misery" (Essential Media Group)
Betty Pat With The Eddie La Friniere Orchestra "Summer Love / Rockin' By Baby" (Essential Media Group)
The Lincolns "Pleasin' You - Pleases Me / Don't Let Me Shed No Tears" (Essential Media Group)
LONE WOODE "The Same Age / Ain't Got No Money For The Jukebox" (Essential Media Group)
Johnson And D "Get Ready To Jump" (Essential Media Group)
Arkade Funk "Search And Destroy" (Essential Media Group)
TILT "Arkade funk" (Essential Media Group)
Mon A Q "Unleashed" (Essential Media Group)
Mon A Q "I Want You For Myself" (Essential Media Group)
305 "Don Juan" (Essential Media Group)
Luis Ferrey & Lydia Kessep "Interpret The Immortal Ernesto Lecuona" (Essential Media Group)
The Treble Tones "Treble Rock / The Crawl" (Essential Media Group)
ELMER BERNSTEIN "The Carpetbaggers (Music From The Original Score)" (Essential Media Group)
ELMER BERNSTEIN "The Caretakers (Original Motion Picture Score)" (Essential Media Group)
ELMER BERNSTEIN "To Kill A Mockingbird (Music From The Motion Picture)" (Essential Media Group)
ELMER BERNSTEIN "Movie And TV Themes" (Essential Media Group)
ELMER BERNSTEIN "Walk On The Wild Side (The Music From The Motion Picture)" (Essential Media Group)
Wallace Mann & Richard Dirksen "Beethoven: Six National Airs with variations for flute and piano" (Essential Media Group)
RICHARD DIRKSEN "Beethoven: Bagatelles, Op. 126" (Essential Media Group)
RICHARD DIRKSEN "Beethoven: Five Small Pieces For Piano" (Essential Media Group)
Wallace Mann & Richard Dirksen "Beethoven: Ten National Airs with variations for flute and piano" (Essential Media Group)
Smiley Monroe "Unchained Melody / Be A Good Loser" (Essential Media Group)
Jimmy Simmons "Run Joe / Defenseless" (Essential Media Group)
Nick Darrow With The Otis Blackwell Orchestra "Scratchin' To The Funk" (Essential Media Group)
Doctor Funnkenstein & DJ Cash Money "Say what?" (Essential Media Group)
TROUBLE FUNK "Knock 'Em Out Sugar Ray '87" (Essential Media Group)
The T.T.E.D All Stars "Teen Age Waltz / Too Young Blues" (Essential Media Group)
Bee Jee And The Living Dolls (Essential Media Group)
Billy Grammer "Princess Of Persia / Unknown Soldier" (Essential Media Group)
Wild Bill Davis "Deep Echo / Love Theme From The World Of Susie Wong" (Essential Media Group)
Ralph Young "Wichita Town / Moonlight Gambler" (Essential Media Group)
THE LIONS "Giggles / No One (No One But You)" (Essential Media Group)
SLIM "It's In The Mix" (Essential Media Group)
The T.T.E.D All Stars Featuring Casanova Kev "Ho Ho Go Go Santa" (Essential Media Group)
TROUBLE FUNK "Let's get small" (Essential Media Group)
T.T.E.D Hip Hop Rappers Featuring M.M. & C. Rock "X-ray" (Essential Media Group)
E.U "Rock Yuh Butt '88" (Essential Media Group)
RUMOURS "Show Me How To Love / Can I Love You" (Essential Media Group)
E.U "Doing The Cabbage Patch" (Essential Media Group)
Chuck Goddard "I Didn't Answer The Phone / Forty-Eight Hours To Love" (Essential Media Group)
THE CARAVANS "Gospel Music Anthology: The Caravans" (Essential Media Group)
The Highway Q.C.'s "Gospel Music Anthology: The Highway Q.C.'s" (Essential Media Group)
The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama "Gospel Music Anthology: The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama" (Essential Media Group)
Griz Green And His Orchestra "Dancing In The Park" (Essential Media Group)
Royal Greek Festival Company "Greek Island & Mountain Songs" (Essential Media Group)
Lorenz Graham "900 Miles From Home" (Essential Media Group)
V/A - "Aquarius Recordings: The Retrospective" (Essential Media Group)
The South Beach Elves "Christmas Disco Medley (Xmas on the Beach Mix)" (Essential Media Group)
PRINCESS STAR "I Love You Sounds Better On Christmas Eve" (Essential Media Group)
PRINCESS STAR "I'm Coming Home For Chanukah" (Essential Media Group)
V/A - "A Singing Cowboy's Tales Of Love And Loss" (Essential Media Group)
The Hessian Symphony Orchestra Conducted by David Van Vactor "The Music of David Van Vactor" (Essential Media Group)
Isaac Salinas "Classic And Sacred Art Songs" (Essential Media Group)
Orchestra Radio-Symphonic de Paris of the Radiodiffusion "Beethoven & Schubert & Mozart: German Dances" (Essential Media Group)
Pro Musica Antiqua of New York "Handel: Nel dolce dell'oblio - Sonatas in D Minor & C Major & Trio" (Essential Media Group)
Keiko Matsuo and Her Ensemble "18th Century Traditional Music of Japan" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Amba Rad La" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "The sweetest" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Min Koze-A" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "I don't care" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Pa Manyen" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Tout Cé Mately" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Aloufa" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "100,000 Volts" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Dènye Okazyon" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Jojo Ban'm Nouvel Micky" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Sisisi" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Tòtòt" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "GNB" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly "Bandi legal" (Essential Media Group)
Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly Featuring Sandro & Olivier "Micky & Sons" (Essential Media Group)
The O'Jays "The O'Jays" (Essential Media Group)
Brook Benton "Makin' Love Is Good For You" (Essential Media Group)
Sandy Barber "The Best Is Yet To Come" (Essential Media Group)
The Classic Example "The classic example" (Essential Media Group)
Coldwater Stone "Defrost me" (Essential Media Group)
Freddy Briggs "End of the world" (Essential Media Group)
Wilson Pickett "It's Too Late" (Essential Media Group)
PROFILE "Sands of Time" (Essential Media Group)
Seldon Powell "Messin' With Seldon Powell" (Essential Media Group)
Frank Owens "Brown 'N Serve" (Essential Media Group)
EAST COAST "East coast" (Essential Media Group)
SIR EDWARD "The Power Of Feeling" (Essential Media Group)
The Marina Strings< "Love Theme From Skyjacked And Other Great Love Songs" (Essential Media Group)
Coleman Hawkins "The Hawk And The Hunter" (Essential Media Group)
Coleman Hawkins "Hawk walk" (Essential Media Group)
Rhythm Radicals "Dig The Move" (Essential Media Group)
Focus Featuring Buddy Turner "Bad body" (Essential Media Group)
RAY VAUGHN "Fashionable" (Essential Media Group)
Sons Of Robin Stone "I need it bad" (Essential Media Group)
Pamela Joy "Think Twice" (Essential Media Group)
Speedy G. & DJ Tiz "Get down" (Essential Media Group)
KIMSKI "Fatal Attractions" (Essential Media Group)
Mr. Melody "Funk motor" (Essential Media Group)
MATT COVINGTON "We Gotta Live Together" (Essential Media Group)
MATT COVINGTON "Naked to The World" (Essential Media Group)
MATT COVINGTON "We got one" (Essential Media Group)
Buddy Turner "You're What's Missin' In My Life / Juke Box Love Affair" (Essential Media Group)
Afrika Bambaataa & The SoulSonic Force "Planet Rock '98" (Essential Media Group)
Cali Aleman & The Original Latin All Stars "Purest Of Pain" (Essential Media Group)
LIZ ABELLA "Worldwide hits" (Essential Media Group)
LIZ ABELLA "Worldwide Hits - The Acappellas" (Essential Media Group)
LIZ ABELLA "Baila baila" (Essential Media Group)
Classic IV Featuring Dennis Yost "Hits Anthology" (Essential Media Group)
Classic IV Featuring Dennis Yost "Spooky & Other Favorites" (Essential Media Group)
OVEMYTE "Count On Me" (Essential Media Group)
Soul Generation & The Chi-Lites "The Sweet Soul Show: Live at Newark's Symphony Hall - Volume 1" (Essential Media Group)
Black Ivory, The Escorts, Jimmy Briscoe And The Little Beavers "The Sweet Soul Show: Live at Newark's Symphony Hall - Vol 2" (Essential Media Group)
The Persuaders & The Stylistics "The Sweet Soul Show: Live at Newark's Symphony Hall - Vol 3" (Essential Media Group)
Soul Generation "That's The Way It's Got To Be (Body And Soul) & Other Favorites" (Essential Media Group)
The Chi-Lites "Have You Seen Her & Other Favorites - Live" (Essential Media Group)
BLACK IVORY "Mainline & Other Favorites - Live" (Essential Media Group)
The Escorts "Look Over Your Shoulder & Other Favorites - Live" (Essential Media Group)
Jimmy Briscoe And The Little Beavers "My Ebony Princess & Other Favorites - Live" (Essential Media Group)
THE PERSUADERS "Thin Line Between Love And Hate & Other Favorites - Live" (Essential Media Group)
The Stylistics "Betcha By Golly, Wow & Other Favorites - Live" (Essential Media Group)
LIZ ABELLA "Ritmo de la Vida" (Essential Media Group)
LIZ ABELLA "Place In My Heart" (Essential Media Group)
LIZ ABELLA "Heart Don't Change My Mind" (Essential Media Group)
The Titans - So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry (Acappella) / Rhythm And (Essential Media Group)
LOUIS DANTO - Russian Folk Songs (Essential Media Group)
Theodora Schulze, Richard Schulze & Dorothy Walters - The Telemann Society Presents: All In A Garden Green (Essential Media Group)
The Fine Arts Quartet - Beethoven: String Quartet No. 1 in F Major, Op. 18, No. 1 (Essential Media Group)
The Fine Arts Quartet - Beethoven: String Quartet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 18, No. 2 (Essential Media Group)
The Fine Arts Quartet - Beethoven: String Quartet No. 3 in D Major, Op. 18, No. 3 (Essential Media Group)
The Fine Arts Quartet - Beethoven: String Quartet No. 4 in C Minor, Op. 18, No. 4 (Essential Media Group)
The Fine Arts Quartet - Beethoven: String Quartet No. 5 in A Major, Op. 18, No. 5 (Essential Media Group)
The Fine Arts Quartet - Beethoven: String Quartet No. 6 in B-Flat Major, Op. 18, No. 6 (Essential Media Group)

UNKOMMUNITY "Black Dwarf Recordings 83-85" 4-LP + 7" Box (Vinyl-on-demand VOD114)
LAUGHING HANDS "Tape-works 1981-82" 4-LP + DVD Box (Vinyl-on-demand VOD109)
MODERN ART "Sonic dimensions 1981-85" 3-LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand VOD112)
IAN BODDY "Spectroscopic 1980-82" 3-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD110)
EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS "Oxide 1982-94" LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
SYMBOTER "Tape recordings 1981-82" LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
THE DADACOMPUTER "5ive Ximes of dust" LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand)
EMILY FARYNA "Return of the repressed; Tape recordings 1982-84" 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
PAUL NAGLE "The soft room & Flowmotion 1980-82" LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
MYSTERY PLANE "Curse of the bodysnatchers - Tape recordings 1980-86" LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
PLUS INSTRUMENTS "Exile in paradise" (Unreleased LP from 1982 + bonus) (Vinyl-on-demand)
LARS FALK / XENOPHONE compilation LP (Vinyl-on-demand)
LOCAL DISTORSION "Situation modulaire" LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand)
CLAIR OBSCUR "Cassette noir 81-88" 2-CD (Vinyl-on-demand)
BOBBY KALPHAT AND THE SUNSHOT BAND "Zion hill" 2-LP / CD (Pressure sounds)
JUSTIN GREAVES "The devil's business" (Orig. Motion picture soundtrack) LP (Deathwaltz Recording Co.)
LOW KEY "Rainforest" 12" (Serious Grooves)
L.A.S's CRIME "Mutatio (Modified)" LP (J.A.M Traxx)
EZLV / Romy "Home" 12" (House of silk)
DE BRASSERS "Live at Doornroosje (Nijmegen 1982)" LP (Onderstroom Records)
COMPANY OF STATE "Dance remotion" LP (Onderstroom Records)
SPENG BOND "White horse" 7" (Jahtari)
JUNIOR ROY / LORD SASSAFRASS "Run di session" 7" (Jahtari)
TAPES "Where is the time" 12" (Jahtari)
"The news is you - The sacred & secular music of Nick Freund" 2-CD (Lion productions)
THE SHAKES "Shoot me baby" LP remastered material from the 60's (Starman Records)
FRECKLEFACE "Freckleface" Remastered LP / CD (Starman Records)
V/A "Belgian vaults Vol. 2 - Legendary tracks from the 60's" LP (Starman Records)
V/A "Garage mania Vol. 1" remastered CD (Starman Records)
KATHARSIS "Suspension of belief" remastered re-issue LP (Desire Records)
IKE YARD "Remixes #2" 12" (Desire Records)
IKE YARD "Remixes #3" 12" (Desire Records
PHOSPHOR "Youth and immortality" LP (Desire Records)
XANDER HARRIS "Snow crash" LP (Desire Records)
CROSSOVER Remixes 12" (Desire Records)
TRESORS Remixes 12" (Desire Records)
V/A "And you will find them in the basement" LP (Desire Records)
KELUAR "Ennoa" LP (Desire Records)
RICARDO TOBAR "Treillis" 2-LP / CD (Desire Records)
RICARDO TOBAR "If I love you" 12" (Desire Records)
RICARDO TOBAR "Garden" 10" (Desire Records)
SHANE ENGLISH "Fugitive" LP (Desire Records)
EGYPTOLOGY "The skies" 12" (Desire Records / Clapping Music)
POLICE DES MEURS "Police des meurs" LP (Mannequin)
DEATHDAY "No future" 12" (Mannequin)
SPIRITUAL FRONT "Open wounds" LP (Mannequin)
MUSUMECI "Schwarz morgen / Zusammen" LP (Mannequin)
TOMMY DE CHIRICO "Close your eyes" 12" (Mannequin)
PHANTOM LOVE 12" (Mannequin)
DUST "Onset of a decimation" 12" (Mannequin)
THE COOMBE 12" (Mannequin)
V/A "The end of civilization" LP (Mannequin)
PATRIZIA PELLEGRINO / DANIELA POGGI "Hot girls of italo disco" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MASSIMO VITA "Jenny" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
THREE OF YOU "T.O.Y" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
LEBANON HANOVER "Tomb for two" LP (Fabrika Records)
SELOFAN "Shoot your gun" 7" (F.K.K Records)
TULUUM SHIMMERING "Ulau Tau / Spirit of the sun" LP (Aguirre Records)
XIPHIIDAE "Quaking myth" LP (Aguirre Records)
XIPHIIDAE "Pass hidingly seek" LP (Aguirre Records)
RUSSIAN TSARLAG "Gagged in Boonesville" LP (Notnotfun Records)
ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE "Fever logic" LP (Notnotfun Records)
XANDER HARRIS "The new dark age of love" LP / CD (Notnotfun Records)
COYOTE CLEAN UP "2 hot 2 wait" LP / CD (100 % silk)
FRÖHLICHE EISZEIT "Im luftschutzkeller, im buro, in der fabrik und zu hause LP (Kernkrach)
V/A Circuit d'actes 3 LP (La forme lente)
TAL M KLEIN & ANTHONY MANSFIELD "Sleaze please" 12" (Aniligital Music)
THE LEGION "Street truth" 7" (ill adrenaline Rec)
SLEEP MUSEUM "White like summer sutures" LP (Anna Logue Records)
ISINGLASS "One 3 four" 12" (Anna Logue Records)
HOLY STRAYS "Chasm" 12" (Something in construction)
GERMAN ARMY "Lost language" LP (A giant fern)
MERCI LA NUIT "Merci la nuit" 12" (Spielzeug Muzak)
LEBANON HANOVER "Tomb for two" LP (Fabrika Records)
LEBANON HANOVER "Gallowdance" 7" (aufnahmne + wiedergabe)
SKYSCAPER "Atmospheric stratification" CD (Ghost sounds)
MICHAEL MANTRA "D/A (w/ remixes)" CD / DL (Silent season)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Tamanoshima" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Sonnenwende" 2-CD (gterma)
HAVDIS "Nightbreeze" CD (gterma)
DAVID PARSONS "Stupa" CD (gterma)
AQUA DORSA "The november earth" CD (gterma)
OMAH-MENTAL "Excursions" CD (gterma)
HAKOBUNE "If it were to fade" CD (gterma)
ENH "Body of blue" CD (gterma)
PARIKRAMA "Manusyaloka" CD (gterma)
SECONDFACE "Vega colony" CD (gterma)
VELGE NATURLIG "Húmus" CD (gterma)
ASHTORETH'S GATE "Asthoreth's gate" CD (gterma)
V/A "Who we are" DL (Stasis Recordings)
M. MATTHEW "We are all weird" DL (Stasis Rec)
A. MIRABILE "Perpetuum mobile" DL (Stasis Rec)
SEBASTIEN LEGZ "Here you will find me (Remixes)" DL (Stasis Rec)
SANDERSON DEAR "Warm embrace - the remixes" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Avec tu - remixes" DL (Stasis Recordings)
OFF LAND "Tidewater pulse" CDr (Psychonavigation Records)
V/A "Ode to an unspoken movement" DL (Oxide Tones)
NIPPON GAGAKU KAI "Gagaku: Ancient Japanese court music" (Essential Media Group)
OTIS RUSH & LITTLE WALTER "Live at the Chicago blues festival" (Essential Media Group)
COLLEGIUM MUSICUM OF PRAGUE "18th century hunting music" (Essential Media Group)
THE CANADIAN POP FESTIVAL BAND "You or no one" (Essential Media Group)
CASANOVA CONGA "Casanova conga" (Essential Media Group)
THOMSON: Variations on school tunes for organ" (Essential Media Group)
USMEV FOLK ENSEMBLE "Authentic folk songs from Bohemia" (Essential Media Group)
EL PILI, MARIO ESCUDERO & ALBERTO VELEZ "Flamenco" (Essential Media Group)
MAXINE SULLIVAN "Sweet and gentle" (Essential Media Group)
HUNG PHAT presents ATLANTIS UNDERGROUND "Ease the pressure" (Essential Media Group)
THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS "Now!" (Essential Media Group)
TEX WILLIAMS "Best of the best" (Essential Media Group)
RUSTY DEDRICK "Salute to Bunny: Rusty Dedrick plays Berigan tunes" (Essential Media Group)
PETE FOUNTAIN "New Orleans All-stars" (Essential Media Group)
TIMOTHY WILSON "Timothy Wilson" (Essential Media Group)
TRUTH "Coming home" (Essential Media Group)
LONNIE GORDON "Do you want it" (Essential Media Group)
LATIN LOU & THE MAMBO ALL-STARS "Mambo #5" (Essential Media Group)
PAYÉ "Baila morena" (Essential Media Group)
PAYÉ "Goodbye my love" (Essential Media Group)
DSK "Caught up (in a one night love affair" (Essential Media Group)
LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS "Rarities: Nothin' but the blues" (Essential Media Group)
NASHVILLE RHYTHM SECTION "Hits of Kenny Rogers" (Essential Media Group)
DOS "Heroes" (Essential Media Group)
EL NINO DE ALMADEN, MARIO ESCUDERO & CARLOS MONTOYA "Danzas y canciones de Andalucía" (Essential Media Group)
CARLOS MONTOYA "Flamenco!" (Essential Media Group)
MIKELLE MORGAN "Mama don't take no shit" (Essential Media Group)
THAI "Asking, asking / Scurry, scurry" (Essential Media Group)
SINNAMON "Send it c.o.d" (Essential Media Group)
SINNAMON "Thin line" (Essential Media Group)
SINNAMON "Always there (always in my life)" (Essential Media Group)
SINNAMON feat. BRENDA JONES "Say it again" (Essential Media Group)
BARBARA HARRIS "I found a new man" (Essential Media Group)
CAROL WILLIAMS "What's the deal" (Essential Media Group)
CAROL WILLIAMS "Queen of hearts" (Essential Media Group)
BARBARA FOWLER "People make the world go round" (Essential Media Group)
VIOLA WILLIS "No news is news" (Essential Media Group)
ELUSION "When the bell rings (come out dancin')" (Essential Media Group)
TROPIQUE "The runner / Big business" (Essential Media Group)
NELLIE MELBA "Great voices of the century: Nellie Melba" (Essential Media Group)
TONY MORAN "Same sun, same sky (Remixes)" (Essential Media Group)
THE JAYE CONSORT with GERALD ENGLISH "Medieval music" (Essential Media Group)
LUIGI ALVA "The romance of Tosti" (Essential Media Group)
GHENT ORATORIO SOCIETY "Flemish choral music" (Essential Media Group)
RUSTY DEDRICK "Rhythm and winds" (Essential Media Group)
IAWA INDIANS & BORA INDIANS "Music of the upper Amazon" (Essential Media Group)
MEL HENKE "Love touch" (Essential Media Group)
CYRIL JACKSON "Afro-stereo: The drums of Cyril Jackson" (Essential Media Group)
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD "Sixteen tons and other favourites" (Essential Media Group)
TED HEATH BIG BAND "Big bands of the swingin' years" (Essential Media Group)
THE SKUNKS AND RENE HALL "Smitty's xmas toy piano" (Essential Media Group)
DARRYL PAYNE "Past, present and future" (Essential Media Group)
RAY LEWIS COMBO "Midnight in Manhattan" (Essential Media Group)
OSSIP GABRILOWITSCH "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
VLADIMIR DE PACHMANN "plays Chopin" (Essential Media Group)
PERCY GRAINGER "plays Grainger" (Essential Media Group)
HAROLD BAUER "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
JOSEF HOFMANN and IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI "plays Liszt" (Essential Media Group)
FERRUCIO BUSONI "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
JOSEF HOFMANN "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI "plays Paderewski and Liszt" (Essential Media Group)
THE NATURE GROUP "Henry David Thoreau's Walden" (Essential Media Group)
SCOTT JACOBY "Scott Jacoby" (Essential Media Group)
THOR "Keep the dogs away" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Haunted - Original motion picture soundtrack" (Essential Media Group)
KEITH SYKES "The way that I feel" (Essential Media Group)
BILLY VERA "Out of the darkness" (Essential Media Group)
SLIM PICKENS "Christmas in november" (Essential Media Group)
BOBBY GLENN "Shout it out!" (Essential Media Group)
TITO PUENTE Jr feat. CALI ALEMAN "Can you feel it" (Essential Media Group)
TONY MIDDLETON "Untouchable / I need you" (Essential Media Group)
MAD MAX EMILLION AND THE SMART BOMBS "The momar mash" (Essential Media Group)
H. RAY CRAWFORD "It's about time" (Essential Media Group)
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD "Back where I belong" (Essential Media Group)
KREAMCICLE "No news is news" (Essential Media Group)
KREAMCICLE "Work ya body" (Essential Media Group)
SHARON REDD "Second to none" (Essential Media Group)
KLEER "Delicious" (Essential Media Group)
WOODY CUNNINGHAM "Intimate connection" (Essential Media Group)
DUNN & BRUCE STREET "Official business" (Essential Media Group)
DUNN & BRUCE STREET "If you come with me / The moment of truth" (Essential Media Group)
DUNN STREET "Even a fool" (Essential Media Group)
THE O'JAYS "Super bad" (Essential Media Group)
TOD FOSTER "Dancin' / I fell in love with an angel" (Essential Media Group)
DANA & GENE "Dario, can you get me into studio 54" (Essential Media Group)
SONDRA SIMON "Good news (I got 'em)" (Essential Media Group)
SKIP EATON "Coffee after dark" (Essential Media Group)
DOC WATSON "The rambling hobo and other favourites" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "The T.S.O.B anthology: The funk and disco sound of Brooklyn" (Essential Media Group)
THE LIVE BAND "A chance for hope" (Essential Media Group)
JOHNNY HOLIDAY "Johnny Holiday sings" (Essential Media Group)
SPICE "Let there be spice" (Essential Media Group)
PETE JOLLY AND HIS TRIO "Hello Jolly! (Essential Media Group)
THE PETE JOLLY TRIO "Sweet september" (Essential Media Group)
UNIVERSE CITY "Universe city" (Essential Media Group)
INNER CITY SYMPHONY "Disco magic" (Essential Media Group)
PONDEROSA TWINS PLUS ONE "2+2+1" (Essential Media Group)
KREAMCICLE "Playgirl" (Essential Media Group)
NV "Haunted" (Essential Media Group)
HUGO MONTENEGRO & ORCHESTRA "Broadway melodies Volume One" (Essential Media Group)
RAY AND HIS MUSICAL FAMILY "On a sea cruise" (Essential Media Group)
RAY AND HIS MUSICAL FAMILY "On the ship" (Essential Media Group)
GEORGE "HARMONICA" SMITH "Pick your choice" (Essential Media Group)
THE TOPICS "Giving up" (Essential Media Group)
RICARDO MARRERRO & THE GROUP "A taste" (Essential Media Group)
THE CORNER GANG "Stone out of your mind" (Essential Media Group)
EBONEE "Count on my love" (Essential Media Group)
PULSE "Pulse" (Essential Media Group)
1619 Bad ass band "1619 Bad ass band" (Essential Media Group)
NICANOR ZABALETA 18th century harp music (Essential Media Group)
INESITA "Flamenco and classic spanish dances" (Essential Media Group)
REY DE LA TORRE Sor: Spanish guitar classics (Essential Media Group)
ELISABETH SCHUMANN "Artistry" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "The romance of Helen Trump" (Essential Media Group)
THE SURREY BRASS "Big! Fat! Brass!" (Essential Media Group)
SIR HARRY LAUDER "Scotch songs" (Essential Media Group)
SIR HARRY LAUDER "More scotch songs Vol. II" (Essential Media Group)
MARISA REGULES "On the siena pianoforte" (Essential Media Group)
RICHARD TAUBER "In opera and operetta" (Essential Media Group)
MARIO DEL MONACO Bizet: Highlights from "Carmen" (Essential Media Group)
BILLIE JO SPEARS "Sunshine" (Essential Media Group)
GINA MARTIN "A Los Santos" (Essential Media Group)
KATE SMITH with BILL STEGMEYER and his orchestra "sings folk songs" (Essential Media Group)
LLOYD PRICE "Now!" (Essential Media Group)
LUM AND ABNER "Holidays to remember" (Essential Media Group)
THE OLYMPICS "Do the bounce" (Essential Media Group)
RONNIE DYSON "Brand new day" (Essential Media Group)
THE DELLTONES "Do you wanna dance" (Essential Media Group)
DEMETRIUS "Nothing but the music" (Essential Media Group)
ARTHUR PRYSOCK "Here's to good friends" (Essential Media Group)
DEL REEVES & LIZ LYNDELL "Let's go to heaven tonight" (Essential Media Group)
ROZE VAGUS "Almost country" (Essential Media Group)
NORMA RIVERS "45's remastered" (Essential Media Group)
TERRI GIBBS "Free and easy" (Essential Media Group)
HILLEL & AVIVA "Songs of the Israeli pioneers" (Essential Media Group)
JOE SOUTH "The Joe South story" (Essential Media Group)
CLAUDE GRAY "If I ever need a lady, I'll call you" (Essential Media Group)
JOHNNY THUNDER "Teach me tonight" (Essential Media Group)
DEL REEVES "Truckin' ana movin'" (Essential Media Group)
DEL REEVES "Del Reeves" (Essential Media Group)
LES ELGART "Alley cat" (Essential Media Group)
DANNY MOORE "Folk songs from here and there" (Essential Media Group)
GUUS JANSEN "Organza" (Essential Media Group)
MICHEL LARUE, ALEX FOSTER & THE DRINKING GOURD "Follow the drinking gourd" (Essential Media Group)
V/A "Country premier" (Essential Media Group)
THE PRIMAVERA SINGERS "Banchieri: Festino nella sera del giovedi grasso, Op. 18" (Essential Media Group)
TOM PIERSON "Tom Pierson" (Essential Media Group)
IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
SERGEI PROKOFIEV "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
EDWIN FISCHER "Brahms: Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Op. 13" (Essential Media Group)
ALFRED CORTOT "Concert" (Essential Media Group)
HAROLD BAUER "Beethoven: Piano sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13" (Essential Media Group)
LES COMÉDIENS DE LA PLÉIADE "Molière: Scenes from Le Tartuffe (The imposter)" (Essential Media Group)
MARK NESS "Mark Ness" (Essential Media Group)
ARTHUR PRYSOCK "Does it again!" (Essential Media Group)
ARTHUR PRYSOCK "All my life" (Essential Media Group)
DON VINSON "A rose without any thorns" (Essential Media Group)
HARRY SECOMBE "How great thou art" (Essential Media Group)

REMASTERED 7" 45's (Essential Media Group);
JIM JACKSON "F-oldin money / May I"
JAN MINER "Keep twisting"
BILLY GRAMMER "Big, big dream / River of regret"
RONNIE WOODS "Sugar (Part 1 & 2)
DICK JORDAN "Little Christine / I'll love you forever"
FRANKIE LUCAS "LOve can be wonderful / Hey hey little girl"
WAYNE WALKER "Love, love, love / Soft chains of love"
AUSTIN CROMER "The miracle of life / That's what it's like to be lonesome"
JEAN HAYWOOD "I wish you love"
WE THE PEOPLE "Break down / On the way to L.A"
RANDY LEE "Solitary confinement / You ain't swinging with me"
EARL CONNELLY "Since you've been gone / The trust"
PRIDE "You're the real thing / Come on, get dancing"
ROSCOE THORNE "Dolores / Peddler of dreams"
ROBBY LAWSON " I have searched / Burning sensation"
SASSY CHARLIE "Push it in (as far as you can) / Who's gonna sing the songs (when I leave)
JACKIE WESTON "Lovesick sycamore / Words"
THE WHIPPORWILLS "I must have holes in my head / Blue raindrops"
ARIST-O-KATS "I don't see me in your eyes anymore / Chasin' the blues"
JACKIE WALKER "I'm always chasing rainbows / Dearly beloved"
BIG JIM BUCHANAN "Move over brother / Mother love"
NASHVILLE RHYTHM SECTION "I can't go for that / Yesterday's songs"
DON RALKE CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA "Starlight in her hair / Take all my love"
ANNA VALENTINO "Calypso Joe / You're mine"
ALAN KALANI "A touch of pink / Mambo jambo"
DICK KALLMAN "Born to be loved / Just squeeze me"
TWEEDY & TWAYNE "Grandma / She loves me, she loves me not"
NESTOR LA BONTE "Jeanette / Twistin' cricket"
NORA & BARNEY BROOKS "Carumba - calypso / Sambalu"
THE KEGGS "To find out / Girl"
THE BOSS CAMP "The boss camp / I'm around"
BOB McDANIELS "I just want you to want me / This can't be love"
BIRD ROLLINS "Don't worry 'bout it / All on account of you"
TOMMY MOSLEY "My melancholy baby / Pretending"
LEONARD JOHNSON "The bug / You can't run away from love"
THE CHECKERS "Skooby Doo (Part 1 & 2)"
THE ENCHANTERS "Café Bohemian / Touch of love"
THE TRAMPS "Midnight flyer / Your love"
THE TRAMPS "You're a square / Ride on"
RALPH YOUNG "Silver dollar country / Pier 34"
RALPH YOUNG "Square wheels / Nothin' to do"
THE WANDERERS "A teenage quarrel / My shining hour"
THE COUNTERPOINT THREE "Lullaby / That lucky old sun"
THE DEVILLES "Joan of love / Tell me so"
LAWRENCE STONE "Dark of night / Without a word of goodbye"
BOBBY & CINDY "If this ain't really love / I'll keep coming back"
THE FIVE COOKIES "Cook - cook - cookie"
LITTLE ROY AND THE LONGJOHNS "She's a wonder / It's heaven"
CONNIE "Get down tonight"
HARDCORE JAZZ ""My world is empty without you"
BREEZE "Just in the nuck of time"
GARY PORTNOY "Theme from 'Cheers' / Jenny"
LIZ LYNDELL "(I'm gonna ride) Gilley's bull"
LIZ LYNDELL "Right in the wrong direction / Goin' back to the country"
GERRY BLAINE "Mountain of love / Over again"
RONNY DOUGLAS "You'll come back / Candy and gum"
ALAN KALANI "Take me away from all this / You're not a child anymore"
BOB HARMON "Mallie Ann / You are the one"
JACK OWENS "You flip me / Martian love call"
KENNY BAKER "I'm gonna love you / Goodbye little star"
SINNAMON "I need you now"
WARDELL PIPER "Super sweet"
CRAIG SNYDER AND LIX "BUst it / Hold me"
WARDELL PIPER "Nobody can take you from me / Sensual trash"
TOUCH OF CLASS "Don't want no other lover (Disco version) / Said it before"
INNER CITY JAM BAND "What I did for love / Hurt"
WARDELL PIPER "Captain Boogie"
SIREN "Morning music / Open up for love"
DORIS TROY "Can't hold on / Another look"
THE HAPPENINGS "Let me stay / Someone special"
FOREST "Do ya / I'll stay with you"
LIQUID PLEASURE "Take a little / Breezin'"
J.R BAILEY "The entertainer (if they could see me now) / You pass my love (like a moving train)"
INGRAM "Girl what's going on"
DONNA McDANIEL "Fairytale / Lovin' with love"
BEVERLY CROSBY "You can be my lover / Thomas promises"
CAROL DOUGLAS "You make me feel the music"

JOHN DUNCAN „First recordings 1978-85“ 5-LP+7" Box (Vinyl-on-demand VOD94)
CONRAD SCHNITZLER "CON-tainer T1-T8 (1971-1981)" 8-LP + 7" Box (Vinyl-on-demand VOD100)
KLUSTER "unearthed recordings 1969-72" 8-LP Box (Vinyl-on-demand VOD103)
PORT SAID "Port said" 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD97)
LUCAS TROUBLE „In a fit of delirium 1979-82“ 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD98)
PAUL NOVA "Trees without leaves" 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD99)
YEARS ON EARTH "The Structure of Change Tape-Recordings & unreleased 1979-82" 2-LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand VOD101)
WERKPILOTEN "Der Werkpilot & The Wonderful World of" 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD105)
GEN KEN MONTGOMERY Postcards 1981-86 (tape-recordings and unreleased recordings 2-LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD107)
NO MORE "Dreams deluxe" 2-CD (Vinyl-on-demand VOD CD1)
V/A "Listen to the music - Caltone's Jamaican 45's 1966-69" 2-LP / CD (Pressure sounds)
V/A "Sound doctor" 2-LP / CD (Pressure sounds)
LEE PERRY and THE UPSETTERS "Silver locks / Jah Jah words" 12" (Pressure sounds)
PLUSH "Plush" reissue w/ bonus track CD (Sony / Funkytown Grooves)
TAMIKO JONES "Love trip" reissue CD (Sony / Funkytown Grooves)
JOHNNY KEMP "Secrets of flying" reissue w/ bonus tracks CD (Sony / Funkytown Grooves)
DEBORAH COX deluxe edition 2-CD (Sony / Funkytown Grooves)
EYELESS IN GAZA 3-CD Box set with remastered recordings (UMP)
SHIN JOONG HYUN & YUP JUNS - remastered recordings from 1974 CD / LP (Lion Productions)
KATH remastered re-issue compilation 2-CD (Lion Productions)
JOSEF K "Sorry for laughing" remastered reissue LP (LTM Recordings / Publishing)
SIR STEPHEN "House of Regalia" LP (100% silk)
MAGIC TOUCH/ITAL 12" (100% silk)
JMII "Neuva York" 12" (100% silk)
MI AMI "Decade" 12" (100% silk)
OCTO OCTA "Oh love" 12" (100% silk)
ROLAND TINGS "Milky way" 12" (100% silk)
LA VAMPIRES "Limoscene" 12" (100% silk)
JONAS REINHARDT "Foam fangs" 12" (100% silk)
ITAL / MAGIC TOUCH 12" (100% silk)
POLONAISE "Trocadero" 12" (100% silk)
BODY DOUBLE "My life (what you need)" 12" (100% silk)
MOONPOOL & DEAD BAND "Human Fly" 12" (Notnotfun)
RUSSIAN TSARLAG "Midnight at Mary's House" LP (Notnotfun)
AFTER HOURS "Sleepwalker" 12" (Notnotfun)
PROFLIGATE "Videotape" 12" (Notnotfun)
SAMANTHA GLASS "Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner" LP (Notnotfun)
XANDER HARRIS "The new dark age of love" LP (Nornotfun)
KWJAZ CD Remastered reissue (Notnotfun)
BENEFICIENCE "Concrete soul" CD (Ill adrenaline Records)
THE LEGION "Street truth" 7" (Ill adrenaline Records)
DA BEATMINERZ "Sumthin' / Another world" 7" (Ill adrenaline Records)
F.A.K.E. & DIRTYTENOR "The wobbler" 12" (Sextoys Records)
Terrorist & Rock'n'Roll K12 12" (Sextoys Records)
RAPOON "In times past" LP, part of "In this world" Box set (UMP)
BLESSURE GRAVE "The flashing" 12" (Desire Records)
B. FEMINNELLI "Double invitation" LP (Desire Records)
IKE YARD remixes 12" (Desire Records)
COLLATERAL "ctrl5 / ctrl3" 12" (Desire Records)
COLLATERAL "Dark ep" 12" (Desire Records)
TRÉSORS "Missionaires" LP (Desire Records)
SOMMET "Basecamp" LP / CD (Desire Records)
SOMMET Remixes 12" (Desire Records)
CROSSOVER "Gloom" LP / CD (Desire Records)
CROSSOVER "Gloom remixes" LP / CD (Desire Records)
THE PRESENT MOMENT "Loyal to a fault" LP / CD (Desire Records / Mannequin)
NEWCLEAR WAVES "Newclear waves" LP (Desire Records)
TWILIGHT RITUAL "The factory scream" LP (Onderstroom Records)
TWILIGHT RITUAL "Rituals" LP (Onderstroom Records)
EIN-ST-EIN "Varsavia" 12" (Bordello a parigi)
MICK MILK "Half lives" LP + 7" (Anna Logue Records)
L.A.S's CRIME "Disphoria 1985-89" LP (Mannequin)
SAM ROSENTHAL "Tanzmusik" LP (Mannequin)
MUSHY "Breathless" CD / LP (Mannequin)
HEINRICH DRESSEL "Sighing melodies thru the graves" 12" (Mannequin)
JANITOR OF LUNACY "Crime on the dancefloor" LP (Mannequin)
MUSHY feat. A.R.KANE 12" (Mannequin)
TROPIC OF CANCER "Permissions of love" 12" (Mannequin)
V/A "Undersground wave vol. 3" LP (Walhalla Records)
CO LA "Soft power memento" CD (Hands in the dark)
CORNERSHOP "Snap your cookies" 12" (Ample Play)
V/A "Belgian vaults Vol. 1" LP (Starman Records)
ORPHAN FAIRYTALE 2-LP (Aguirre Records)
MPALA GAROO "Ou le monde" LP (Aguirre Records)
TIDAL / RAMBUTAN "Sounds of the future" / "Trapdoor to infinity" LP (Aguirre Records)
PLUS INSTRUMENTS "Febuary April '81" LP (Poutre Apparente)
CIRCLE X " "Heartbreaker / Look at the People" LP (Poutre Apparente)
DEADHEADS "Baby blues" 7" (Ghost highway)
VIXEN "Kontinuum" CD (RPS Entertaynment)
V/A "District of noise Vol. 5" CD (Zeromoon / Sonic circuits)
RICHIE PHOE "Echo outernational" 2-LP (Balanced Records)
V/A Northern faction 5 DL (Balanced Records)
V/A "Tann up solid" 12" (Jahtari)
MR. WILLIAMS "Dancehall hobby" 12"
TOM DRUMMOND "Rock the rhythm" 12" (Breakbeat paradise)
NYNFUS CORPORATION "Feel the funk" 12" (Breakbeat paradise)
GRAND MOTHER's FUNCK feat. AKIL THE MC Remixed! 12" (Breakbeat paradise)
JAZZ K.LIPA "Underwear" DL (Breakbeat paradise)
JIGGYJOE Vol. 4 DL (Breakbeat paradise)
MO-MATIC "B-boy bass" DL (Breakbeat paradise)
PROSPER "Have you heard of this" DL (Breakbeat paradise)
LAST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE "Last industrial estate" CD (gterma)
AS IF "Faraway trees standing still" CD (gterma)
PATTERNS OF THE SKY "The long flight" CD (gterma)
HAVDIS "The hidden islands" CD (gterma)
UNDARA "Traveller" CD (gterma)
URENGA "After rain" CD (gterma)
INDO "Winter in Zangla" CD (gterma)
SOLAR OCEAN "Enter serenity" CD (gterma)
PARIKRAMA "The silent bon" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Live" 2-CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Alchemystery" 2-CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Bloodmoon" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Dammerung" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Uttarakuru" CD (gterma)
MATHIAS GRASSOW "Wisdom of fate" CD (gterma)
V/A "Gyalpo" CD (gterma)
SEETYCA "The luminous deep" CD (gterma)
MINDSPAN "The second cycle" CD (Silent season)
FATIH TUTER "Circadian rhythms" CD (Silent season)
SONITUS ECO "It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise" CD (Silent season)
SOWING PARANOIA "Research music lab" CD (Silent season)
wzdryAV "Octophase meditations" DL (Silent season)
CFCF "Exercises" LP / CD (Paper Bag Records)
KORALLREVEN "Sa sa samoa" DL (Acéphale)
PRYZMA EP DL (Santorin)
HERBSTLAUB "Streets are not for dreaming youth" CDr (
GLOSSATA "Pearls and smoke" CD / DL (Moth Heaven Records)
RIVERZ END "Transfer" DL (Lagunamuch community)
NOISYFILTER "Radiance" DL (Lagunamuch community)
SANDERSON DEAR "Pulsar" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Pulsar remixes" DL (Stasis Recordings)
SANDERSON DEAR "Lexicon of a romantic" DL (Stasis Recordings)
PURL "Deflektion" DL (Dewtone)
MARTIN NONSTATIC "Cosmic shapes" DL (Dewtone)
MEESHA "Sepal" DL (Dewtone)
ANTENDEX "According to the trees" DL (Dewtone)

V/A “German Punk & Wave 1978-84 Vol.1” 5-LP + 10” Box (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD82)
GHEDALIA TAZARTÉS "Works 1977-79" 4-LP + 10" + DVD Box (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD91)
TARA CROSS „Tara Cross 1982-89“ 4-LP Box (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD85)
FOCKEWULF 190 „Microcosmos 1981-1986“ 2-LP + 7" (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD89)
GRIM "Vital 1983-89" 3-LP Box (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD92)
CLUB MORAL 5-LP + DVD Box (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD93)
M.A.L. „The M.A.L.-Tapes“ LP (Vinyl-on-demand VOD87)
METRONOMES - "The ballad of the metronomes" - 2-LP + 7" (Mannequin)
INTELLIGENCE DEPT. "Sleeping city" LP / CD (Anna Logue / Mannequin)
BEOGRAD "TV" 7" (Anna Logue Records)
RED FETISH "The future is now in your hands" 7" (Anna Logue Records)
STRANGER STATION "Cynthia (Edit)" on "Cynthia" 7" (Anna Logue Records)
V/A "Doppelhertz Vol.2" 2-LP (Kernkrach)
NEON "Morphee" 2-LP (Creative space Records)
relapxych.0 "Insomniactivity" 2-LP (Creative space Records)
JEZZREY BOY "Around '94 (Lost cuts Pt.1)" - 12" (My love is underground)
COLM K Feat. ELAINE DOWLING "Basics" 12" (Bastard Jazz)
CAPTAIN PLANET "The ningané" 12" (Bastard Jazz)
ROMANOWSKI "The instigator / Sol cumbia" 7" (Bastard Jazz)
DJ ANGOLA "Unreleased remixes EP" 12" (Deckstatic)
BADBOE "One of those days EP" 12" (Breakbeat paradise Rec.)
ELITE GYMNASTICS "Ruin remixes" (Acéphale)
KORALLREVEN "Album" LP / CD (Acéphale)
KORALLREVEN "As young as yesterday" 12" (Acéphale)
KORALLREVEN "A dream within a dream" Promo mix (Acéphale)
PORCELAIN RAFT "Gone blind" 12" (Acéphale)
PORCELAIN RAFT "Gone blind Remixes" (Acéphale)
AS1 "Solar lifestyle EP" 12" (Last known trajectory)
THE EXALTICS "Irresistible" 12" (Last known trajectory)
A.P / ATHEUS "Pillars of the earth and sky" CD (Ghost sounds)
relapxych.0 "City nightlights" 12" / CD / 5.1-CD (Ghost sounds)
A.P "The eerie calm reincarnate" 2-LP + CD (Ghost sounds)
A.P reworks MUSLIMGAUZE 12" (Staalplaat)
SECRET LIFE "Nineteen eighty four" LP / CD (Walhalla Records)
QEK JUNIOR "Druschba" LP (Kernkrach)
TENSE "Escape" 12" (Mannequin)
MUSHY "Faded hearts" LP / CD (Mannequin)
CANTEREL / BERNSTRUP "Strange land" 7" (Mannequin)
ATHEUS "Compile" CD (Silent season)
TROUM "Seeing-ear gods (A continous journey in six parts)" CD (Zoharum)
LARKIAN & YELLOW6 "Offtempo" CD (Basses Frequences
PLEQ "Ballet mechanique" - CD (Basses Frequences)
STELLAR OM SOURCE "Heartland's suite" LP (Aguirre Records)
EXPO 70 "Inaudible bicoastal trajectory" LP (Aguirre Records)
SECRET COLORS "Lunar" LP (Aguirre Records)
SEAN McCANN "The capital" LP (Aguirre Records)
V/A "District of noise Vol. 4" LP (Sonic circuits / Zeromoon)
BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT "Negative space" LP (Zeromoon)
OPERA MORT "Des machines dans les yeux" LP (Bimbo Tower)
NIRMANAKAYA "Nirmanakaya" CD (gterma)
INDO "Rupa loka" CD (gterma)
FEDERSEN "Echo relics" CD / DL (Silent season)
PURL "Deep ground" CD / DL (Silent season)
JAZZ.K.LIPA "Follow the bouncing bass" DL (Breakbeat paradise)
PURL - "A quiet awakening" DL (Dewtone)
ALVEOL - "Dreaming in underland" DL (Dewtone)
NADIA POPOFF "Crystal mountain ep" DL (Dewtone)
BRANDO LUPI "Aural" DL (Dewtone)
V/A "Foundations" DL (Dewtone)
V/A "Levitation" DL (Dewtone)
NIKOSF "Forgotten pieces" DL (Dewtone)
ALTERIA PERCEPSYNE "Cloaks of perception" 2xCDr (Other heights)
ALTERIA PERCEPSYNE "Intangible flutter" CDr (Silent season)
AXS "Arctic circle" CDr / DL (Silent season)
SUB.MADE / KYLE ERICH SCHULZ "Long distance ep" DL (Silent season)
HERBSTLAUB "Per sonare" CDr (Other heights)
MR CLOUDY / KABANA "Water line" CDr (Other heights)
UNDER THE SNOW "Transparent" CDr (U-cover)
SPEYER "Mary Letyrn Something" DL (Peace Technologies)
BANNED BOOK "Holographic relationchip" DL (Peace Technologies)
ABSTRACT AVENUE "Artefacts on the moon" DL (Peace Technologies)

RAPOON "Ghosts of a machine" - 3-LP Box (Vinyl-on-demand)
SMEGMA "I am not artist 1972-88" - 6-LP + DVD Box (Vinyl-on-demand)
GIANCARLO TONIUTTI "The early tapes period" - 3-LP + 10" Box (Vinyl-on-demand)
SLEEP CHAMBER "SixSixSix" - 4-LP + 7" Box (Vinyl-on-demand)
NADJA "Autopergamene" - 2xCD (Stereo + 5.1) Box set (Essence Music)
DEGADA SAF "No inzro" - CD (Mannequin)
LIEBE "Club royal" CD / DL (EMI Planetworks)
AROMA "Children of piraeus" CD / DL (Ego Music / Universal)
V/A "Shladstoffklasse grau" 2xLP (Hertz-Schrittmacher)
BLOODYGRAVE & DIE LUST 7" (Hertz-Schrittmacher)
V/A "Sonic circuits - District of noise Vol. 3" 12" /CD (Zeromoon)
KORALLREVEN "Honey mine (Lissmark Remix)" 7" (Acéphale)
KORALLREVEN "Honey mine Remixes" DL (Acéphale)
PORCELAIN RAFT "Tip of your tongue" 7" (Acéphale Records)
INNERCITY "Future life" LP (Aguirre Records)
MOHLAO "Inhale" 12" (Piece Communications)
QUANTEC "Synchrotron" 12" (Piece Communications)
V/A "Hundehertz" 2x7" (Kernkrach Records)
V/A "Wired thoughts" 3xCD / DL (Entropy Records)
FATIH TUTER "Wide and shallow with remixes" CD (Silent season)
V/A "Wandering" CD (Silent season)
mon0 "Sensaura" DL (Silent season)
TROUM "Autopoesis / Nahtscato" CD (Zoharum)
POST-FOETUS "The fabric" CD (mu-nest)
THE SPACED GOATS CD (Entropy Records)
H.I.V + EPIDEMIA - "Virus files" CD (Diskus Fonografika Mexicana)

MERZBOW "Camouflage" 2xCD (Stereo + 5.1) Box set (Essence Music)
DARIO BUCCINI "Corpo nostro" DVD 5.1 + CD (Extreme)
MUSLIMGAUZE "Sycophant of purdah" CD (Staalplaat)
MUSLIMGAUZE "Sulaymaniyah" CD (Staalplaat)
relapxych.0 / RAPOON "Amplified transparency reflection / Lost terrain" 12" (Psych.KG / Droehnhaus)
ATHEUS "Soundscapes & drones" CD (Ghost Sounds)
AIDAN BAKER "Blue figures" CD (Basses Frequences)
AIDAN BAKER / NOVELLER "Colorful disturbances" LP (Divorce Records)
STARKE "A letter from yesterday" CD (mu-nest)
V/A "In this nest, we found our winged tales" CD (mu-nest)
MARIO MASULLO / GLITCHES "Pimps ride free" 12" (Defrag Sound Processing)
MARIO MASULLO / GLITCHES "Pimps wear gucci" 12" (Defrag Sound Processing)
MAEROR TRI "Yearning for the secrets of nature" CD (EE Tapes)
EMDY / CIRQULAR "Catshag22 / Prague" 7" (Gracetone Recordings)
QUANTEC "Journey of mind" CDr (Silent season)
THEIR HEARTS WERE FULL OF SPRING "How I wasted my youth" CD (Marketstall Records)
NICHOLAS SZCZEPANIK "The chiasmus" CD (Basses Frequences)

V/A "Materia Musica" 2xCD (Ajana Records)
V/A "Cottage industries: Diaspora" 2xCD (Neo Ouija)
V/A "Psychedelica Three" 2xCD (Northern star Records)
V/A "String theories" CD (Metamorph Records)
V/A "Ya Ji" CD (Kwanyin Records)
V/A "Shapes and phases of ambience" CD (Ghost Sounds)
RAPOON "Library of the dead" CD (Indiestate)

"Green eyed monster" film (Grey Sky Project Ent.) - Sound design, foley, music by A.P
"Serial the movie" film (TuFux Ent.) - music by A.P
"Lucky X" short film - music and sound design by A.P