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Selected tunes in various formats are available for download at BANDCAMP


PXYCH.0 A.P "The ghost sounds of everyday life" Box set reissued as an USB stick in a handmade wooden box, in two variations. Features the tracks from the compact discs remastered in 24-bit, and a few new recordings.


PXYCH.03-3 A.P "City nightlights" thoroughlly remastered version of the album with one unreleased bonus track. Transparent vinyl test pressing.
A: City nightlights - City nightlights II ( 19'30 ) . B: Landmark II - Interdimensional 2.0 - Dimensional perception ( 16'50 )

PXYCH.0 - A.P "The ghost sounds of everyday life" Box set with 6 test pressing LPs, and two CDRs, one with various unreleased material, and one with unreleased DTS 5.1 surround sound mixes. The discs come in a handmade wooden box made by guitarmaker and musician Kevin Bryce. The wooden box and test pressings come in a black vinyl box.

PXYCH.12 SKYSCAPER "Atmospheric stratification" CD, with remixes by Atheus, Kasm feat. SuhniSea, Sanderson Dear and Mindspan. Available for 9 € + 4 shipping within Europe / 6 elsewhere.

SKYSCAPER: Atmospheric stratification (Album promo mix) by Ghost sounds

PXYCH.03-2DTS relapxych.0 "City nightlights" DTS 5.1 edition (Ghost sounds PXYCH.03-2DTS) CD / DTS-CD in a mini replica vinyl gatefold sleeve.

PXYCH.11 A.P / ATHEUS "Pillars of the earth and sky" CD in deluxe trifold digipak. Available from Ghost sounds or Disk Union.

A.P / ATHEUS - Pillars of the earth and sky (Promo mix) by Ghost sounds

PXYCH.1 A.P "Garden therapy" (with ATHEUS remix) Picture disc LP /
Special edition with white vinyl test pressing and cdr with additional bonus tracks, in gatefold sleeve with each side having a 100% natural mulberry paper insert with handpainted artwork.

A.P - Garden therapy Promo mix by Ghost sounds

PXYCH.09 A.P "The eerie calm reincarnate" 2-LP / CD bundle

PXYCH.08 SKYSCAPER "Skyshapes" 12" (featuring collaboration with Ekelon)

PXYCH.07 relapxych.0 "Ripples on the surface of time and space" CD / Revised and remastered CD with one unreleased bonus track (to be released in 2014)

PXYCH.06 relapxych.00 "Hallucinogenitaliencryption" Etched 12" / Enh. CD with video

PXYCH.05 ATHEUS "Soundscapes & drones" CD

PXYCH.04 relapxych.0 / ATHEUS "Distant radiance II / Soundscape one" 12"

PXYCH.03 relapxych.0 "City nightlights" 12" / CD / DTS 5.1

PXYCH.02 ATHEUS / relapxych.00 "Shapes / phases" 12"

PXYCH.01 V/A "Shapes and phases of ambience" CD

PXYCH.00 "Shapes in motion" 12" (only distributed in Japan)

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Ghost Sounds releases are available from Clone in Europe and Disk Union in Japan.